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What is Nonstop Awesomeness?

Awesome question! :-)

Nonstop = continuous experience
Awesomeness = pursuing passions and operating optimally


Life never pauses. It’s continuous, it’s always happening, it’s… nonstop, if you will. I believe that it’s possible to live where we are always living to the fullest in each moment, living to our potential.


This site is a way for me to explore how one can travel AND live healthy at the same time. I know it’s possible. My journey with this began in November 2010 (read more about my story here).

What does “healthy” mean? Since there is no one definition, this will be about discovering and learning as much as I can about health, which includes:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Mindfulness
  • Communication
  • Sustainability
  • Relationships
  • Business
  •  Service
  • and many more topics


This is about sharing information; if you know something of value, please let me know. I’m happy to learn from as many people as possible, and use this site as a platform for discussion. I’m not here to say “do this, do that”;  this is an exploration of what healthy living look likes as we move from point A to B in the 21st century. Whatever you find of value and whatever you choose to integrate into your life, awesome!

If you want to get really “meta,” you could say that we’re all travelers…on this journey called “life.” Every day, each of us is going to and from work or school, shuttling kids around, or getting across town – how can we do this in the most healthy, responsible, conscious and sustainable way possible, for ourselves, our family, and our communities?


Oh, and why the .ME?
Health is a personal topic, and it’s about living the best version of life possible, finding the “top me.”

NonsTOP AwesoMEness

We’re all on this train ride together – hop onboard Nonstop Awesomeness! Woo-hoo! :-)


What Goes On Here?
  • I like to share a written entry or video about how to create this type of life, a travel tale (as I live the permanent nomad life), lessons I’m learning, and how I choose to live – all found on the blog
  • Quality Time with…” – a conversation I’ve had with an awesome individual
  • Consulting: work with me directly on Travel Hacking, Positive Habits, and other ways to improve your life
  • Speaking (page coming soon!) – I can visit with your group to share what I know about how to travel for free, and how to live healthy once you’re there
  • My Products, such as TravHack 101, the Positive Habit Challenge, and the Healthy Travel Guides (working on these now – resources you can use to visit different places in the world and live as healthy as possible)
  • Free-sources, such as my Guide “Upgrade Your Awesomeness” and the upcoming Recipe Guide (my favorite recipes on the road –  by August 2011)



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