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My Current Routine and Habits (aka What Keeps Me Alive + Thriving, Feb. ’13 Edition)

  The daily routine. As a traveler, and with my environment constantly changing, I really like that I always have something to come back to, something to keep me grounded, and to keep me sane. If I didn’t do this

Help Bring Clean Water to Ethiopians with Nathan’s Water-riffic 32nd Birthday!

Da na na na na na…. They say it’s your birthday! Yes, Paul—today, February 12th is my birthday. 32 cycles around the Sun. And this year, I’m celebrating a little differently.     I’m teaming up with charity: water and giving

The 4-Minute TED Talk That Helped Me Eat More Veggies

Nathan loves his greens!

  These days, I really don’t eat much meat. According to my last Practice Reports (June and July 2012), I ate animal products only 2% and 9% of the time each month, respectively. That ain’t much at all. I calculated

Where’s the Protein with Whole Foods Prepared Foods??

Whole Foods Prepared Foods

Last week, I stopped by Whole Foods in East Pasadena to grab lunch with a friend. We hopped off our bicycles and headed into the store, over to the prepared foods section—where there’s pizza, sandwiches, sides, and a salad bar (I

Two Years, 900 Days, $5 Flights, and Optimal Living Audits!

Optimal Living Audits

[NOTE: the following post was written after a night of unusual slumber situations (nowhere to sleep part II) in the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Blvd, as I like to start each day with an hour of meaningful work

Affirmations, Declarations + Mantras for Optimal Living! (including what I use!)


  I’ve seen that if I want positive experiences in my life, I need to have positive thoughts. For many years, I was very closed off—not sure I’d categorize myself as “negative,” but certainly not happy-go-lucky. A few years ago,

Welcome to Optimal Living On the Road!

It’s a new chapter… photo/design: Gregory Berg  There’s reason to celebrate today, and with that, some fun changes ’round here! :)   First, some history… It was exactly two years ago (on 10/10/10!) that during a journaling session, I landed

New Habit: Evening Meditation, with Jacob from Sensophy

from Los Angeles and New York!   “If you’re serious about succeeding in life, meditation is something you need to do.”   Today, I’m super excited to feature one of my friends (again!)—it’s Jacob from Sensophy! :) We’ve each been

F*ck My Life? Nope. More like FMP!


I’ve seen this phrase FML on Facebook mostly. Maybe you have, too. It stands for: Fuck My Life. Usually in conjunction with something that has gone crazily wrong, following a series of non-catastrophic misfortunes, disappointment or regret.   Here’s my

From My Acting Days: How Holding Open a Door Changed My Life

Here we are on the streets of Los Angeles—on San Vicente to be specific!   I’ve been recently housesitting in the mid-Wilshire area, and on my walk to Marianne Williamson’s weekly talks on A Course in Miracles, I wandered past an