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Show Update #6: We’re Fully Funded! (Plus: New Stretch Goal!)

  Yup, that’s right folks: the show has reached its goal on Kickstarter! Woohoo!! :) On Monday, we shattered through our Kickstarter goal thanks to a $5000 pledge! What tha what?! Yeah, that’s right: the pilot of “Travel. Eat. Thrive.”

How I Kept Myself and the Crew Healthy While Filming a Show!

The Crew!

Production week was crazy, intense, and fun! To film the pilot, we had three shoot days, from 7:30 am – 1:30 pm. We were at two restaurants, and filmed location shots in Santa Monica, Hollywood, Universal City, and Downtown. To

What’s Healthy to Eat—in Israel?!?!

No, I didn’t hop on a plane in the middle of the night (though the thought has tempted me a couple of times)… A couple months back, while I was busy getting Morgan Spurlock to tweet about the show, I

Show Update #5: Teaser Trailer + Radio Enso Replay!

Sneak Peek at “Travel. Eat. Thrive” REALLY excited to share this footage with you! Seriously: it looks delicious!! When I saw what our Cinematographer Brandon had edited together, I was knocked over—I was honestly kinda *shocked* at how good it

Show Update #4: Kickstarter Campaign has LAUNCHED!

Let’s Raise Some Funds and Finish This Pilot!   WOW—it’s only been three weeks since we wrapped filming (and only three months since the idea was first announced) and now we’re here: to raise funds to complete the pilot! The KICKSTARTER page

Where’s the Protein with Whole Foods Prepared Foods??

Whole Foods Prepared Foods

Last week, I stopped by Whole Foods in East Pasadena to grab lunch with a friend. We hopped off our bicycles and headed into the store, over to the prepared foods section—where there’s pizza, sandwiches, sides, and a salad bar (I

Show Update #3: We Filmed a Show!

WOW.   Last week feels a bit surreal. You think and dream and hope and then… it happens. :) It’d be easy to just charge ahead with the next item on the to-do list, so I’m gonna pause and reflect

The Monthly Practice Report – July 2012

    Welcome to The Monthly Practice Report, where I detail my practice of healthy living: the commitments, goals, and other metrics!     Why I’m doing this: To be completely transparent – if there’s something you want to know

Show Update #2: Meet the Crew!

from Hollywood, CA! :) Say hello to the newest members of the team: V (our producer) and Brandon (our DP, or Director of Photography – aka “Camera Dude”)! V (short for Viorica), a friend of mine from LA, has done

Superfood Stopover with

from Aliso Viejo, CA…   Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of hanging out with a couple of new friends: Sheleana and Caleb from These two are super into a raw-foods based lifestyle and took AMAZING care of