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Hi, I’m Nathan Agin (N.A., like the site :-)).

I spent 10 years in Los Angeles working various office jobs while pursuing acting work. I did well at both (more below).

I began to realize that I wasn’t happy with my life. Sure, I had a nice place to live, a decent job, and good friends, but I was afraid that my life wasn’t going to mean anything, that I would never do anything exciting or adventurous. I wanted to know what was important to me – I had a feeling it wasn’t all the material stuff in my life, but beyond that, I didn’t know.

In the summer of 2010, after my best year professionally as an actor, I realized I wanted to do something else: TRAVEL.

I grew up in Massachusetts and had barely been outside California – travel was not really a big part of my life – until now. The decision to sell my stuff and leave everything I knew was a bit crazy, and at the same time – pretty easy. I knew it would bring me closer to what fired me up.

I sold just about everything I had in Los Angeles and boarded a plane for a one-way trip to Hawaii in November 2010. The “plan” was to be there for one month; I stayed for three months and had the time of my life.

I’ve been traveling full-time since then, bouncing around from city to city, staying with friends, family, family of friends, couchsurfing hosts, the occasional hostel, and tent. I love that I made this decision.

I chose to create a different experience for myself; it wasn’t easy, and it didn’t happen overnight, but I committed to it, and I continue the practice every day.

I’m excited about living this life and am thrilled to meet others on this path. Who knows – maybe through all this awesomeness, it’ll encourage/inspire even more people to create a life they are truly excited to live. That’s the kind of world I want to be a part of!


Me and this site

I believe that our daily practices are key to it all. Every day is a new day; it starts again. I’m excited to create positive habits in my life such that it squeezes out the habits that aren’t helping me. I now have a list of Fundamentals (see below) and I’m excited to keep these going while I travel. I think it’s absolutely critical that I keep this kind of internal work going as all my externals change so frequently. I created the Positive Habit Challenge so that others can create the same momentum in their lives.

As you know, I also travel. This is new for me, and the only way I can afford it is because of Travel Hacking. I learned a great deal about this from Chris Guillebeau, and now I want to see you do what I’ve been able to do. I created TravHack 101 to give you the basics to make your travel dreams come true much sooner than you expected, and for a lot less money.


My Highest Goal: to connect lovingly and playfully, to respond consciously, to push through fear, and to improve!

My Commitments and Beliefs:

  • My life’s objectives are to be conscious and to create value.
  • I playfully handle any and all challenges in my life.
  • I am here on this planet to experience outrageous joy.

What I’m Rockin’ (my fundamentals)…

  • Nutrition: Vegetarian for most of 2010, then switched to a Paleo diet, based on The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson
  • Exercise: some daily form of movement (walking, yoga, stretching, 30-second push-ups and others)
  • Journaling
  • Learning
  • Connection with others – more than just on the phone or Skype, usually one-on-one

My Signature Strengths (according to the VIA test at Authentic Happiness):

  1. Enthusiasm, Zest & Energy
  2. Curiosity for the World
  3. Forgiveness and Mercy
  4. Diligence, Perseverance and Industry
  5. Self-Regulation

My Myers-Briggs Type IndicatorESTJ, the “Administrator”

  • Extroverted
  • Sensing
  • Thinking
  • Judging


A couple key posts you might want to check out:

  • Why it’s time to leave… – the story and reasons behind me completely changing my life. Going from a comfortable place, a job and nearby friends to a life of travel and exploration. It was absolutely foreign to me and I was so completely excited about it.
  • The Beginning – my first post. This site began as a way to chronicle a major adventure and time in my life. While living in Los Angeles, I booked a regional theatre gig in Seattle; it would be the first time I would live and work as a full-time actor. I spent 5 days driving up there, 10 weeks in the city, and then another 5 days driving back to SoCal. It was an amazing time. Here’s how it all began.


Want to know what I’m like on a ferris wheel ride in Chicago?

(full story here)


Even more?

nathan in oahu

I love being in the presence of the ocean, waterfalls, and rivers, meeting passionate people, having exciting chats, learning how things work, discovering new places, facilitating awesomeness, helping people and businesses become more efficient and productive, raw chocolate and Shakespeare.

I’ve also worked as an actor, appearing in theatre, TV, and film. And I did a bit of stand-up, too.

nathan in godaddynathan in 2 gentsnathan at improv

For clips from those days, check out my acting site.


Naturally, I’m also on Couchsurfing – here’s my profile. Have a place for me to stay? Let me know! :-)


Where else I hang out:

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4 comments on “Meet Nathan
  1. Ana Cecilia says:

    Hello Nathan:

    I read about your site in facebook, and I just wanted to tell you that today I feel that the life I am living is just not what I am supposed to be living, the I realize that the change I need resides in me, but I´m afraid or something like that and I just can´t do it. Is it normal to be in a comfort zone that is not comfortable at all?
    Thanks for creating this site, I will start the 30 day new habit challenge. My goal is to walk for half an hour every morning.
    God bless you

    • Nathan says:

      hi ana!

      thanks so much for your comment. what you described made me think of this quote:

      “Change will come when the pain of staying the same is worse than the pain of change.”

      I think it’s entirely possible to be “comfortable” and unfulfilled – we are meant to achieve and reach our potential.

      know that you DO have within you what is needed to make the change, and it all begins with baby steps – so excited for you to take this path!

      onward and upward!

  2. Hi Nathan, I really enjoyed meeting you at the Hawthorne Hostel this afternoon, and thought your presentation was excellent and thought-provoking!
    I look forward to seeing you again at one of your workshops at the Hostel.

    Bill Montgomery

    • Nathan says:

      thanks so much Bill – really appreciate you coming out and thrilled to hear you enjoyed it! thanks for checking out the site. happy hacking! :-)

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