Month: March 2010

Opening Day!

It’s been 5 weeks of work leading up to this, and now it’s here! (My video after the show follows the Lost-ers.) Before 3 VERY IMPORTANT people left the project (nothing like waiting ’till the last minute), let’s meet the

Previews continue & more Paradise Lost-ers!

Opening is ALMOST here! :) A quick video backstage (actually, outside) before Act III during Preview #5 (not #4 as I mention in the video – it’s really easy to lose track of days during this… :) I was also

First Preview & Huell Howser

Shows for paying audience members are officially here! The first preview went very well – we had a very responsive crowd, some laughs we didn’t expect, and a few other fun reactions! And, of course – though I’m not a

Tech Rehearsal, Day 1

We made it to the first day of tech rehearsal: now we add the lights, music, sounds, and costumes! Things are looking really great! And good thing, too – we start shows on Friday! :) See below for a quick

Two more Paradise Lost-ers, Costumes & the 3-Week Mark

Lots happening: dinner out with the cast & crew, another night of stand-up, a piano concerto at the Seattle Symphony, and full runs of the show during rehearsal! A screen grab of my recent stand-up at an open mic: And

Haircut, moustache & a tour

It’s a dog-filled post! Here’s some fun from over the weekend… And the second video (below) is a glimpse into where I’m staying. I think my favorite part of all the “exotic” items in the fridge are “cheeses” – nobody

Late-night pizza with a Paradise Lost-er

Tonight I did some stand-up at the People’s Republic of Koffee – it felt great to get back up on stage, as I hadn’t done this since December! The absolute terror right before I went up was back, so that

First Publicity & another Lost-er

Went to a stand-up show Wednesday night – it was at a place near Seattle U called “Chop Suey” – no food, but they have a band before the comics. I don’t remember much about the music, except that it

On the road

And here are a few photos from my walk on Sunday up to Volunteer Park (about 10 minutes from the house), where there’s a Conservatory (greenhouse), and a Water Tower – you can see more photos by clicking on the