Month: October 2011

It’s Time to GIVE BACK: Announcing the Donation Drive of 2012 (and beyond)!

There’s (at least) one thing that’s been missing as I’m traveling full time: donating my time, energy, and resources. It’s important for me to give back, to be of service to others, and to share the gifts I have. I’m

AH Part III: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Welcome to the THIRD in a series of posts on legally hacking train travel. Part I covered how to immediately save 76%, and Part II covered a first-class trip for FREE!   These posts are also a way to share

The Monthly Practice Report – September 2011

nathan with carrot

    Welcome to The Monthly Practice Report, where I detail how my practice of healthy living is going: the commitments, goals, and other metrics!     Why I’m doing this: To be completely transparent with what my practice of

500 Days Down, 10,000 Hours To Go

This past weekend I celebrated a milestone: my daily meditation practice reached 500 days in a row. Maybe you saw the movie trailer I put together… 500 Days… Trailer video So yes, very cool – and then I started to