Time for Another MACRO Break…

Time for Another MACRO Break…

mmmm coconut....

I wasn’t sure this would happen in 2012.

I had such a good time (dare I say “life-changing experience?”) during my Epic Road Trip in 2011 that I just *knew* I wanted to do the same thing this year—and really, every year going forward.

That is: taking at least two weeks completely offline.

One of my favorite concepts from a recent Optimal Living 101 Reboot class I took goes something like this…

It’s not that we work too hard, it’s that we don’t recover enough.


So, with a pilot shot and $10K raised, I think it’s time to take a step away from the computer and relax, rejuvenate, and recover. :)


For the next two weeks, I’ll be spending my time on Kauai and Maui.

I arrived (back!) to Kauai last week and SO THRILLED to be here just kickin’ it. ;)

I join my family on Maui for the week of Christmas—they’ve never been out to the islands, and thanks to $5 flights, it’s now possible. Really excited for them to be out here!!

Oh, then then I hop over to Oahu for a New Year’s Eve Macklemore concert in Honolulu. Crazy. :)


Already enjoying it out here: the pic above is at the Hanalei Famer’s Market—got some fresh coconut water and meat (for $4!) and played hack with my buddy Zander!


So what will I be up to during this break?

  • Hiking
  • Journaling
  • Practicing my fundamentals
  • Talking to people
  • Reading


And what will I *not* be up to?

  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Insane amounts of time just being “online”


I’m particularly looking forward to the journaling, to really take stock of 2012, what went well/what didn’t, where I spend my time (80/20’ing my life), and seeing what my plans and goals are for 2013.

I have realized that whatever I do, I want the experience to be really, really FUN. You know, people laughing and having a ridiculously, great time. I’ve found a few experiences in my life (including some this year) where this is the case, and I’m looking to do more of that, including with my work! I also have ideas for more in-person stuff, along with developing the show.

Excited to see what goodness 2013 brings…


I hope you find some time during the last weeks of 2012 to relax, too.

Wishing you a very happy holiday season wherever you are in the world!





Former life: actor/office worker/virtual assistant; lived in Los Angeles for 11 years. Since then: sold nearly everything, took a $5 flight to Hawaii, lived there for 3 months, wrote an eGuide about all of it, and still traveling. Currently: digital nomad - looking to improve myself, have fun and serve others.

5 comments on “Time for Another MACRO Break…
  1. Forest Parks says:

    The break is going to be AWESOME. I had a few days offline last week and know that in the coming year I want more.

    Have a great time.

    • Nathan says:

      thanks so much, forest! it was indeed, awesome. :)

      it was actually tough coming back to email (didn’t miss it), but had some cool things waiting for me. so yah, it’s about finding a balance between time off and staring at this computer screen!

  2. I just had 7 weeks offline walking across a desert. It’s amazing how little of any importance you miss.
    Enjoy the trip!

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