What Scares Me

Here are a couple videos of events that have scared the living bejesus outta me…I’m sure there are more ahead… :-)


My FIRST stand-up show in Los Angeles

When I initially signed up for a stand-up class, I thought “this is going to be fun.” As I got closer to my first show, I thought, “why did I ever think this is going to be FUN?!”

At my first open mic (where comics get up to test material), I was selected at random to go on FIRST in front of about 40 other comics. When I heard my name read, I went into absolute paralysis. I don’t remember much of what happened during that set, though I do know that:

  1. the stage was not set in fire in protest to my jokes
  2. I did not throw up and run out of the room
  3. there were actually a couple of legit chuckles!

Things got better, though I was still pretty nervous for my first show at an actual club with paying customers. What if they mutiny?!

I knew I couldn’t control what happened, so I set two goals for myself during my time onstage:

  1. Don’t look at my set list (the order of my jokes), which was located in my back pocket
  2. Breathe and stay in the moment – don’t rush through it

Here’s what happened…



First phone call with my father in 10 years

I had this planned anyway, but shot this video as part of the Youtube “Life in a Day” project, so that’s why you’ll hear me talk about Shakespeare and what’s in my pockets.

As much as I thought I was ready for this, it was so nerve-wracking. I still get the jitters watching myself dial and wait, ’cause I remember what that felt like.



At the time, these were enormous events in my life, completely taking over all my thoughts and making me a nervous wreck. And here’s what I learned: I did them and am still here.


Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


So what scares you, and have you faced it?

I’d love to hear your answer to that below as well as any other comments you have.


One comment on “What Scares Me
  1. Hey Nathan!
    First up <— spell check doesn't know sh*t hah :-P
    Second <— I just wanted to thank you very much for sharing that video of you calling your Father. I haven't talked to my Dad in almost a year and even before that it's been a very bumpy ride. While I don't think I'm ready to make the call yet as I'm still holding a lot of that history with me, your video made me feel like for the very first time ever pretty much I'm not alone. That's partly b/c I also just don't really talk to many people about it though. I've of course talked to friends about it, but just seeing someone else deal with it right there – that was special.

    Anyway, THANKS for sharing something so personal and being REAL.
    – Lauren :)

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