Quality Time with… Nate (Walks America) & Joel (Blog of Impossible Things), Ep. #23

Quality Time with… Nate (Walks America) & Joel (Blog of Impossible Things), Ep. #23

Hello from 21st & Hoyt in Portland!

Without question, one of the best parts of the World Domination Summit was all the people who attended. You knew it was something special when all the speakers hung out the entire weekend and participated!

I made many new and wonderful connections over the days of WDS, and I was thrilled to have a bit more time with a couple of exceptional dudes: Nate and Joel.

They’re both on pretty cool missions (more after the video).

What we chat about:

  • A possible theme song for Nate
  • Nate’s mad skills on the court
  • What has haunted Joel since childhood



More on Nate and Joel…

  • Nate is walking across America – you can keep tabs on his journey and see videos from the road.
  • Joel has a mission against impossible at Blog of Impossible Things; he’s also in an epic feud with Steve Kamb from NerdFitness over who can insult and humiliate the other more on Twitter. It’s getting serious.


So that was my chat with Nate and Joel – what would YOU like to ask them?

I’d love to hear your answer along with any other comments you have below.

Until next time,


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Former life: actor/office worker/virtual assistant; lived in Los Angeles for 11 years. Since then: sold nearly everything, took a $5 flight to Hawaii, lived there for 3 months, wrote an eGuide about all of it, and still traveling. Currently: digital nomad - looking to improve myself, have fun and serve others.

4 comments on “Quality Time with… Nate (Walks America) & Joel (Blog of Impossible Things), Ep. #23
  1. ooo 3 fine men talking about badass stuff all in one video clip! … Couldn’t resist watching this :)

    You guys are awesome! So glad there are people like you walking, driving, training etc around the earth inspiring others to be more badass :)
    – Laur

    • Nathan says:

      haha – thanks Lauren! yeah, i wasn’t sure if the badass factor might be too much for the camera, but looks like we lucked out.

      we do what we can out there – and thanks for what you’re dong, too! :-)

  2. Joel says:

    Hey Nathan,
    Thanks for including me here. Glad we had time to catch up in Portland and shooting a video. Had a great time meeting you. Let me know when you’re out in the midwest!

    • Nathan says:

      it was pretty awesome to meet in person – glad you and Nate were in town. i hope he got to work on a theme song (I like the ice cream jingle idea).

      and YES – would love to have a midwest meetup! good luck with all the killer stuff you’re developing – now you have public accountability!

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