New Habit: Evening Meditation, with Jacob from Sensophy

New Habit: Evening Meditation, with Jacob from Sensophy

from Los Angeles and New York!


“If you’re serious about succeeding in life, meditation is something you need to do.”


Today, I’m super excited to feature one of my friends (again!)—it’s Jacob from Sensophy! :)

We’ve each been meditating daily for a while now, and are HUGE fans of the practice!

If you’re looking to relax more, be at peace, develop your willpower, and become more creative, I think you’d dig meditation, too. :)


Back in August, Jacob tossed out that he was adding an evening practice for the month of September. I thought, “sounds cool—I’m in!”

Hear how we came up with the idea, how we kept each other accountable (even from different sides of the country), and what we’re doing now that the month is done!


I’m a bit of a doofus at the start and laughing throughout—Jacob is pretty hilarious… :)



“If you don’t want your mouth to stink, you brush your teeth; if you don’t want your mind to stink, you meditate.”


So what specifically did we commit to?

We each strove for at least 15 minutes in the late afternoon/early evening—basically, well before we went to bed, so that we weren’t “putting it off” and possibly forgetting.

I’ve continued to meditate every evening since September because well, I thought, “if it’s workin’, keep doing it!”


Want to learn more about Jacob, check out what he’s doing, and even work with him? Check out –>! :)

(I think you’ll really enjoy the post that Jacob wrote about meditation, also released this week!)


If you want to check out the interview with Brian Johnson that Jacob mentions, you can find that here!



What will be your commitment for the next 30 days?

Find something that you *know* would have a super positive impact on your life, and take a baby step! Team up, make it fun, rock your life!! :)


I’d love to hear your response + any other thoughts you have below.

And if you have any meditation questions, feel free to leave those too!


Looking forward to learning more!




Former life: actor/office worker/virtual assistant; lived in Los Angeles for 11 years. Since then: sold nearly everything, took a $5 flight to Hawaii, lived there for 3 months, wrote an eGuide about all of it, and still traveling. Currently: digital nomad - looking to improve myself, have fun and serve others.

5 comments on “New Habit: Evening Meditation, with Jacob from Sensophy
  1. Iris says:

    Wow, that’s some serious commitment :)

    I’d love to know, what benefits did you see in your life that you would attribute to meditation, whether it be to your daily or AM/PM meditation?

    I have been semi consistent about meditation since May. I’m currently launching my blog (tomorrow is the big day!) and I’ve found that meditating in the afternoon as well is really helpful when I feel like I can’t concentrate anymore.

    What has helped me most with staying consistent is having a calender with big red Xs that stand for the days when I’ve done meditation. I got that from PhilosophersNotes. :)

    • Nathan says:

      hey iris – thanks for the questions! :)

      in my own life, i’d say that the #1 benefit is that i’m an easier person to be around – for myself and others! ;)

      a few years ago (before i started meditation), i would say that i was quick(er) to judge, had a short temper, was more closed off, and generally kind of a jerk sometimes. (not to worry, i still manage to be a bonehead every now and then!)

      my practice has been an awesome way to relax and be at peace with myself, to allow creative ideas to emerge, and to develop my willpower, focus, and clarity. i believe it also has opened me up and allowed me to lead with more heart in my life. my work is FAR from over, but that’s what i’ve loved so far.

      plus, with all the travel i do, it’s one of the commitments that gives me some kind of foundation and grounds me.

      LOVE your commitment with the calendar – very similar to Jerry Seinfeld’s philosophy to “not break the chain” (he committed to writing at least one joke every day).

      if you’re feeling that meditation is really working for you, i’d definitely encourage you to tack on that last percentage point and go from 99% to 100 – it’ll make the commitment to the practice that much easier, as it’ll now be non-negotiable. that was a BIG step for me. i couldn’t “get out” of it because there was no wiggle room. :)

      good luck with your blog, and thanks again for checking this out!! :)

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