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Quality Time with… Me, Ep. #22

QTw... Me

Hello from the Empire Builder Amtrak line, where we’re only eight hours behind schedule thanks to heavy rains and flash floods. Good thing I left early for the World Domination Summit! One of my Creative Production Goals for 2011 is

Quality Time with… Laura, Ep. #21

QTw... Laura

Hello from Wendt Playlot Park! As I was getting ready to embark on my adventures, I asked friends if they knew people where I was headed. My friend Zoey (in LA) mentioned a cool person to connect with in New

Quality Time with… Shannyn (Frugal Beautiful), Ep. #20


Wow – we’re already at #20! Almost five straight months of awesome people! I’m really excited with today’s post and am thrilled to see this series continue. If you have any ideas on how to make this even better, feel

Quality Time with… Cal Newport (Study Hacks), Ep. #19

Cal Newport

This is one of those interviews where I realize after the fact, “this dude has been BUSY.” It’s like when you’re at a party, having a great conversation with a stranger, and when they leaves, your friend rushes up to

Quality Time with… Jeff, Ep. #18 (and the 100th Post!)

Nathan and Jeff

Today I celebrate my 100th post with a very personal and special chat. There are some conversations that you do not want to end, that do not even really begin to scratch the surface. I felt that with this talk.

Quality Time with… Mom, ep. #17

As I mentioned in my Future Reality, I’m excited to connect with people genuinely, whether I’ve known them for 5 minutes or 5 years. Today we talk to someone who I’ve known for a lot longer than 5 years –

Quality Time with…Pierre (Quatuor Ebene), Ep. #16

Quatuor Ebene

Yeah, now we’re REALLY on the nonstop awesomeness train! On my last night in New York, I went to a concert at WNYC – all I knew was that it was a French string quartet who were playing mainly 20th

Quality Time with… Dennis, Ep. #15

Quality Time with... Dennis

We’re back to New York today (at least on the blog)! Recently I spent about two months (my longest stretch to date) in and around the five boroughs. Thanks to my friend Electra, I was connected with the very sweet

Quality Time with… Steph & Bill, Ep. #14

raw pasta

One of the great joys of my travels is the FOOD, and of course, all the ways people prepare it. There was ovo-lacto vegetarian at Polestar, primal on Kauai, and most recently, raw vegan in Troy, NY! Yup, the home of

Quality Time with… Marnie, Ep. #13


if you don’t see any video below, click on the post title to be taken to the full view During my recent five-week stay in and around NYC, I had the great pleasure to meet and chat with a travel-hound