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Dry your hands with just ONE paper towel, every time

Ever since I saw this video back in September, I’ve remembered as often as I can whenever I’m at restaurants, the airport, or anywhere else with paper towels—and every time, my hands seem to be about 95% dry when I’m

4 Reasons I Started Taking Cold Showers!

Nathan in the Shower

Yes, that’s right: today you get to jump into the shower with me! ;) Well, kinda… Just keep your hands off the hot water!! :)     The 4 Reasons WHY I’m doing this: Super refreshing Increases blood circulation Saves on

Clean Clothes with Dr. Bronner’s: Quick, Easy, Natural + Frugal

  I’m down to one backpack, one pair of pants, a couple shirts, and just a few other items – in other words, I’m looking at laundry every week to keep things (and me!) fresh. Here’s how I keep my

QTw #27: Richard (Dick’s Kitchen) – Stone-Age Diner brings Nutrition to 21st Century Portland

dick's burger

Welcome to episode #27 of Quality Time with…, where I genuinely connect with someone I’ve met, to get a glimpse into who they are, what they’re up to, and what they’re excited about! Today’s episode comes to you from Belmont

Quality Time with… Shanti, Ep. #8

if you don’t see any videos, please click on the post title to be taken to the full view Really conscious conversation with an amazingly articulate dude I met while on Kauai (and who is also Lisa’s brother). Shanti was