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16 Favorite GIFs from My Google AutoAwesome

I’ve been a big fan of Google’s Picasa for several years—I think I installed it back in college! Always innovating, Google recently came out with a new AutoBackup feature through Picasa, in that it will save EVERY photo you have

Housesitting in Vallejo and a Fear of Chickens

Nathan Vallejo Housesit

I’ve been doing more housesitting recently and looks like I have another gig coming up. All this reminded me that I never posted this funny, early-morning video from back in June during a housesit in Vallejo, CA (NE of San

Couple Recent Interviews: Radio Enso & My Peaceful Family

No time like the present to share these… First up, a 1-hour interview on Radio Enso with host Gregory Berg, who is also a good friend and part of my mastermind group. We recorded this in early December (while I

Ukulele Playing + 1st Episode of A Travelin’ Man!

Two weeks ago in I bought a ukulele in Hawaii… Yeah, just one of those “why not?” kinda moments, ya know? It’s like buying vodka in Russia: just feels right! (or so I’ve heard… ;)   Well—I’ve been playing this tiny

F*ck My Life? Nope. More like FMP!


I’ve seen this phrase FML on Facebook mostly. Maybe you have, too. It stands for: Fuck My Life. Usually in conjunction with something that has gone crazily wrong, following a series of non-catastrophic misfortunes, disappointment or regret.   Here’s my

How to Practice Your Balance—and Make Mr. Miyagi Proud!

Wow—Miyagi was pretty graceful, right?   If you’re like me, you can get around most days without just toppling over. Your equilibrium is probably pretty good.   So why develop your balance? Practicing exercises that improve your “not-falling-over-ness” (technical term) strengthens

Recipe Guide, Next Habit Challenge & Welcome Nigel Adams!

green smoothie

Updates on projects below – and then check out the second video, where I introduce you to my British pal who’s gonna join the team here!   The Recipe Guide – will be published by August 2011. It will include:

Guidelines On Board (or, 11 Awesome Principles to Live By) + silly video!

guidelines on board

Holy Wow – we’re already into the second half of 2011 – there’s lots to share, so let’s get right to all the latest developments!   First off – have you seen the NEW look and design of the website?

Quality Time with… Jacob, Ep. #11

if you don’t see any videos, please click on the post title to be taken to the full view Welcome to episode #11! You didn’t know we were keeping track, did you? :-) Today I chat with one of the

Funky Fundamentals with Jacob!

My buddy J-dawg and I were curious what kind of crazy awesome morning routine we could create for the both of us, and here’s a glimpse into what we came up with… (excited to hear from you on this topic