First Publicity & another Lost-er

Went to a stand-up show Wednesday night – it was at a place near Seattle U called “Chop Suey” – no food, but they have a band before the comics. I don’t remember much about the music, except that it was loud…yup.

Met many regulars of the Seattle stand-up scene there – lots of people who organize shows, so that’s really great. It looks like even with the play, I should have some chances to get out and do some stand-up!

Also – very random – met a girl at Chop Suey that I had been emailing with this week about a volunteering gig up here (with America Scores – met someone last Friday at a birthday party who works for them ), who also is a freelance photographer and has done pictures of many of the local comics. Just crazy how the Universe brings everything together!

Me & Heather in the Seattle PI!

And here’s the press release on about “Paradise Lost” (not sure who I have to thank for the large color headshot, but I’ll take it :) – Intiman – Paradise Lost

Finally: the next installment of “Better Know a Paradise Lost-er” – with another Seattle staple: Shawn Law!


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