Month: March 2012

What To Do When You Have Nowhere to Sleep

After almost 18 months of travel, something crazy happened. This past weekend, I found out — for the first time in my full-time travels — what it’s like to not have a place to stay for the night. Yup, I

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2012 Travel Update: The Overly Ambitious Tour

  I have just one commitment this year. There’s only one event where I need to be in a particular city on a particular day in 2012. No, not a friend’s wedding or a family reunion; the big event on

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The Monthly Practice Report – February 2012

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    Welcome to The Monthly Practice Report, where I detail my practice of healthy living: the commitments, goals, and other metrics!     ` Why I’m doing this: To be completely transparent with what my practice of healthy living

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Clean Clothes with Dr. Bronner’s: Quick, Easy, Natural + Frugal

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  I’m down to one backpack, one pair of pants, a couple shirts, and just a few other items – in other words, I’m looking at laundry every week to keep things (and me!) fresh. Here’s how I keep my

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10 Travel Truths We Hold To Be Self-Evident

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After a trip to Philly over President’s Weekend and now hanging out in DC (touring the Capitol today!), I got inspired to jot down a few items. This is what I believe to be certain natural rights and ideals we’re all

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Zucchini Pasta + Mushroom Sauce with Garlic + Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes

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Zucchini Noodles with Mushroom, Onion + Tomato Sauce Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Garlic + Cinnamon Steamed Asparagus  Part 1 – THE COOKING – 1:45 What to Know: Prep Time: 10-15 minutes Cooking Time: 10-15 minutes Skill Level: Easy! Ingredients: Zucchini,

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