Moments of the Week – #10

A bunch of awesome moments from this week!

(have some of your own? to be featured in a future edition of MOW! :)


finishing up my time in Cottage Grove, Oregon – here we go!


Good advice anytime! :)


Out on Beth and Richard’s farm, here Richard shows me the nut tree orchard!


In the chicken coop with Beth and another friend—in the back section with the heating lamp is where all the chicks are! :)


Such a crazy experience to have a chicken peck seeds out of your hand!! :) You definitely feel it, but it doesn’t hurt. This “city boy” had fun!


Cool walking path in Beth’s garden, made of walnut shells!


This little guy landed on me, and Beth brought him over to her shirt. We remarked how much it looked like a Triceratops!


Made some cashew milk and it was SUPER easy (perhaps easier than the almond milk)! This is getting to be fun… :)


And to complement the cherries and strawberries I’ve been picking, Linnea let me grab some fresh raspberries from her garden. I think we took about 4 of these baskets just from one afternoon—and there were still plenty more!! :)


Got my food allergy test card all set. Yup, that’s my blood—good to know that I have no future in the medical industry…. ;) Sent this off in the mail and interested to hear back on the results (will share here)!


Just off Main Street in Cottage Grove…


Dinner at Linnea’s house: a couple different salads, and then baked chicken with a mushroom and mustard sauce—that chicken was TASTY!! :)


We also decided to bake cookies… (can’t remember the last time I did that). Went with oatmeal-cranberry-walnut-coconut-chocolate chip! Not bad…


Totally enjoyed some luxury with this bathrobe I borrowed!! I had a feeling I might not see this kind of plushness for a while, so I’ll want to remember this time… :)


Awesome quotes on the mirror: “I am totally independent of the good or bad opinion of others. I am beneath no one, and no one is beneath me. I am fearless in the face of all challenges.” I’ve actually used the first two for a couple years. Powerful stuff to bring this into your mind on a regular basis. :)


From a fantastic 28-mile bike ride up to Dorena Lake, I found this quiet spot to just sit and relax.


Cottage Grove IS the Covered Bridge Capital of Oregon! Here’s one that was built in 1949, and then they bypassed it with another road because of all the trucking traffic due to a boom in the logging industry. Still cool to go underneath it! :)


Yup, this is as far as I went into the lake. It was still refreshing!!


Happy 4th of July, from Dorena Lake!


Wandered over to the Dorena Dam—so right now, we’re on top of the Dam looking down at the Row River, which flows by Cottage Grove. VERY beautiful country up here!


Another one of Cottage Grove’s claims to fame is that Buster Keaton filmed his move “The General” here! So yes: Oregon stood in for the South! :)


Linnea juiced up some watermelon and lemon for homemade lemonade!! :)


The view from my room in Cottage Grove. It’s a wonderful little town, and lovely to be there in the warm months. Go check it out if you can!! :)





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