Moments of the Week – #34

A bunch of awesome moments from this week!

Links to fun/cool stuff and recent photos…


On with the show…

(covering the last two weeks) From Sayulita, Mexico—here we go!


 My first sunset in Mexico, from the deck of where I was staying. Pretty easy to get used to things down there… :)


Also from the deck, a shot at the hillside we were part of.


Lots of dogs roaming free in town. Surprisingly, this was not one of ’em—though with that hat, it’d be kinda awesome if he were.


Sunset hike out to the cliffs overlooking the ocean with my friends.


Got some cool shots of my friends out on the rocks: here’s Kevin from


And yes, there’s Caleb mid-air, doing a flip on the beach. Totally normal. :)


Breakfast at Atico (local spot in Sayulita)—chia seeds, almond milk, cinnamon, and banana!


I “smuggled” some baby toys into Mexico for a friend of a friend (Amazon wouldn’t ship there)—here’s the happy kid with one of her new toys. :)


Now here is one of the roaming dogs—though right now, he seems to be rather muy tranquilo.


Didn’t hang out on the beach too much, but I really digged this shot, with the framing of the tree, the boat, surfboards, and the water. Definitely a pretty scene!


To be honest, I have no idea what the hell is going on with that dude. :)


Another epic sunset in Sayulita! And see that tall peak in the distance? The next day, we were set to hike to the top of that mountain!


No rope or back of the truck to keep him in—that dog just stayed there as that pickup navigated through the busy Mexican streets.


On our hike up Monkey Mountain!


A view south from the top! Awesome!!


Spotted this amazing lizard near the summit; kept my feet absolutely still as I snapped a few photos—I love how blue his tail is.


And this part of the tree kinda resembled a bug to me—nature is SO COOL! :)


In town, got a fresh pineapple juice, made by a compressor (in the background), crushing an entire pineapple. Ha!


Yes, it turns out the sun was juuuuuuust a bit too intense for me. No, wasn’t reckless at all: this was from 20 minutes in the sun! My skin was definitely radiating heat that night. But we had fresh aloe leaves, and the next morning: much better!


Got up in the middle of the night and saw this out the window; immediately grabbed my camera. If I ever have a wall of my own again, that may be a picture to go up on it—gorgeous, right?


To help combat the sunburn from the inside (!), I juiced cucumber and celery, and then blended it with the pulp from aloe leaves. Boo-yah! :)


Love this shot. As Caleb, Sheleana and I zoomed through town on the golf cart, I snapped this through the rear-view mirror. I ain’t no professional photographer, but again, I dig the composition, framing, colors, and such. :)


My new buddy Jacob (from Atico – chia breakfast above) came over to make gluten-free pizza and brought fresh tomatoes from his garden!


Yeah, those pizzas were pretty awesome!!


AMAZING lunch at Pedrito’s in town: strips of beets, carrot, cucumber, and jicama all seasoned with lime juice, and then topped with fresh grilled Mahi Mahi, avocado, with mandarin oranges and steamed broccoli on the side. And don’t forget the fresh coconut water! WOW—never ceases to amaze me how great food prepared simply can taste!!


Epic new discovery: using a juicer to create banana ice cream. Just freeze peeled bananas and toss them in there (you need a different attachment than the standard juicer one). This Omega juicer works well for this. This concoction has cinnamon and vanilla extract, too. I know it might not be pretty, but it tastes SO DAMN AMAZING. :)


Very normal scene for a house full of entrepreneurs… :)


Thanks to Alyssa for this shot—on my final night in town at Carricitos Beach. No hill to block watching the sun dip completely into the ocean. And this was, of course, just before I got . ;)


Just gorgeous, gorgeous colors for that sunset, yeah?


Adios, Mexico—it’s been amazing! See you again soon!! :)


See ya next week from somewhere else in the world!



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