Month: August 2011

21 Life Lessons from an Unplugged Road Trip: 14 Days and 3200 Miles (Part One)

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  Earlier this month, I embarked on an amazing road trip. While I’ve been traveling for almost a year, there are two experiences from before this new chapter began that still stand out: road trips I took to and from

AH Part II: First-Class on Amtrak from Coast-to-Coast for $0

amtrak zone map

UPDATE: As of January 2016, Amtrak has changed their redemption program from region/zone-based to distance-based. As such, the deal below no longer works exactly as written. You can still use points for travel, though it may require points, depending on

Knowing When To Go Offline and Recharge [EPIC TRIP AHEAD]

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Regular recovery, on the micro-, mid-, and macro-levels, can often do the work of psychiatric medicine, only naturally. ~ Tal Ben-Shahar, The Pursuit of Perfect It’s time to go MACRO! For two weeks, I will explore the wilderness of the