Moments of the Week – #23

A bunch of awesome moments from this week!

(have some of your own? to be featured in a future edition of MOW! :)


From the Hollywood Bowl to Runyon Canyon—here we go!


My brother invited me to the Hollywood Bowl, and I hadn’t been in ages! Seen some cool shows there, and it’s always a great time! Awesome views of the hills and Hollywood sign! (and one of the opening acts was The Maccabees, from England!) :)


The main act was Florence + the Machine—they put on a fantastic show! One of my favorite moments was when they had the entire audience (all 18K of us!) jumping up in down during an entire song—so cool to see!!


Random weird shot of me, right? Well, it was actually for a video I was shooting for the HerHighway “Healthy Road Trip Tip” series on stretches you can do while in the car! And you’ll never guess where the camera was—hanging from a tree branch, thanks to my new GorillaPod!! :)


Decided to take a walk the other day, and I just kept going right into this canyon. Came across this explosion of desert vegetation amidst the dry bushes and trees.


The trail eventually took me UP (was using my hands to pull myself up the side of the canyon at points), and at the top, this sight greeted me. Seems like one of those abandoned things, but maybe it still serves a purpose when it rains in LA…


I also found myself VERY close to the electrical towers. I was wondering if this is the closest I’ve ever been to one (never played around them as a kid ;). Cool shot, though I was wary being around all that electricity (you can hear the hum)—just thought it wasn’t smart to be in the same airspace as all that energy, and tried to keep my distance as best I could!


From the deserted spot where I crawled up, here’s a fun shot looking south on the city. Right in the middle of the canyon, you can see a pink roof—that was where the street ended and I began my journey… :)


Luckily, where I climbed to connected me to the trails in Runyon Canyon Park, and I knew how to get myself back down (’cause I wasn’t going the same way—too steep!!). What began as a short walk turned into a 90-minute hike, and it felt great! :)


I didn’t think much of this shot when I took it, but going back, this may be one of the coolest shots I think I’ve ever taken. I really love the composition of the hills, the trail, the ominous sky, and the distant (and clear!) cityscape. Not your typical LA scene—makes me think of Oz (as in “Wizard of…”)—with a city in the distance, and much to traverse before you arrive…


With all the smog, there aren’t many opportunities to see downtown so easily from the Hollywood Hills, but thanks to strong winds and a bit of rain, things cleared up! The tallest building is Library Bank Tower (or I think it’s now called US Bank Tower, sigh)—right across the street from the main library branch.

This is also the building the aliens blew up in Independence DayWhoa, can you believe that movie is 16 years old?? So that means there are people in high school right now who may not knew the cool that was mid-90s Will Smith—unbelievable!! :)


See ya next week from somewhere else in the world!



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