CG’s A Brief Guide to World Domination: The AUDIO Version

When I first read Chris Guillebeau’s A Brief Guide to World Domination back in 2009, it had an immense impact on me.

Chris had me asking questions about my life and thinking in a way that was totally new—and really exciting (while still also kinda terrifying).

A few years later, I find myself on a completely different life path (then: office-job actor; now: entrepreneurial nomad) and I’m quite grateful for his influence.

While not everyone is looking to change their lives so dramatically, I *highly* encourage you to check out this guide. I felt so drawn to make a recording of it—it’s that good!


–> Click here to download the AUDIO version of the guide.

[running time: 1 hour 59 seconds]

The file is an .M4A, which can be played in iTunes or on your iPod, or (hopefully!) similar device. Any trouble playing the file? Download VLC.


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The low down: “world domination” refers to how you want to change the world, whether that is in your local community or globally.The point is to start figuring that out and then do the work!

This guide gives you:

  • the two most important questions in the Universe
  • ideas on how to tackle your goals
  • what opposition you will face (and how to overcome it)
  • inspiring stories of others doing this work
  • a multitude of resources to check out and help you on your way

Like I said, this guide is worth it!


Whether this is your first time discovering this work, or you’ve read it before, I hope you enjoy this new version of the guide.

And, if you’d like a PDF copy to follow along with and/or read…

–> Click here to download the PDF version of the guide. (the same link/file as on Chris’ Art of Non-Conformity site)


Curious who this Chris Guillebeau guy is? Here’s Chris’ bio, the original manifesto page, and Chris’ Resources page for the manifesto, with the other translations, and several other bonuses.


Many thanks to Etsuko Tsukagoshi who encouraged me to do this while I couchsurfed with her family in San Diego (and she co-wrote the Japanese translation!).


Some have asked me if I’ll continue to do recordings; well, I’m not sure.

I had a blast doing this—and… it can be a very time-intensive project, so I’m being quite selective. I’m inclined to stick with other manifestos or blog posts—items of 1000 words or less, though if you have something you think would be a good match, please get in touch.



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