Full Moon at the top of Griffith Park!

I’m amazed at the things I haven’t yet done in this city! Well, climbing to the top of Griffith Park for a full moon hike can now be crossed off the list! And what a fantastic way to spend a Friday evening (after battling gridlocked traffic :-). I joined the Angeles Chapter of the Sierra Club for their free, monthly 2.5-hour hike – the views, as you’ll see, were simply gorgeous. There are a few photos from the evening following the vid.

Oh, and here’s a shot from my work today on Jimmy Kimmel Live – they were rehearsing a bit for Jimmy & Tom Cruise, and I was Tom’s stand-in (yes, the resemblance is uncanny). Here’s me with Darrin (Jimmy’s stand-in)!

A very cool part about just going out and doing this – minutes after I finished the video, I ran into my friend Laura, who had come up with a different group! Great to see her – then her, her friend & I all hiked back down together. Much more fun to have company…as we nearly slipped multiple times. :-)


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