Starting the day off right – a hike with KK!

Got a great start to the day with a bike ride & hike, along with my buddy Kris!

Along with Runyon Canyon, Fryman Canyon (where we were) is also a popular morning destination for celebs, and today did not disappoint: saw Jack McGee, who played Chief Jerry on “Rescue Me,” and everybody’s favorite – Ray Romano! Kris thought about making Romano record a sonnet for the challenge, but we weren’t sure if he might know karate…

Oh, and a buddy of mine, Guy, mentioned that whenever he hears Virtual Nathan, he hears that song “Personal Jesus” by Depeche Mode. It’s pretty awesome actually – I think it would make a great video, and I wouldn’t even need to change many of the lyrics: “your own Virtual Nathan/ Someone to hear your prayers/ Someone who cares.” Pretty sweet. Another project! :-)

Kris mentions Virtual Jesus, and sadly, someone else already thought of it!


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