Help Bring Clean Water to Ethiopians with Nathan’s Water-riffic 32nd Birthday!

Da na na na na na…. They say it’s your birthday!

Yes, Paul—today, February 12th is my birthday.

32 cycles around the Sun.

And this year, I’m celebrating a little differently.



I’m teaming up with charity: water and giving up my birthday to help bring CLEAN WATER to Ethiopians (donate now!).

With 32 being the prime-time digit this year, I’m asking folks to contribute $32 to the campaign.

All we need is 10 people to donate that amount and we hit our goal!

Of course, the more we raise, the more people we can help.



Why am I doing this?

At the World Domination Summit in 2012, I heard founder Scott Harrison share his story—who he is, what he used to do in New York (promoting clubs), and how a trip to Africa changed his life.

The cold, hard reality is that nearly 800 million people around the world are living with no access to clean water. (learn more)

His story and what he has seen is truly remarkable.

What he has done with this organization is beyond words.


One of their taglines is “Water Changes Everything” and it’s true: in these impoverished areas, it can reduce disease, help the local economy, and can allow individuals to start small gardens. It can improve school attendance, and encourage these villagers to pursue business and educational opportunities (during time which had previously been spent fetching water).

Even halfway across the world from these people, I knew I wanted to be a part of this. To help however I could.

Before Scott left, he asked us would give up their birthday—of the hundreds who stood, I was one of them.

So here we are. :)


How many people will we actually help?

If we hit our goal: 16. More, if we raise more. :)

One of the coolest parts of charity: water is their 100% model: every cent of donations goes directly to the field to fund water projects. Yes, every cent.

They find other ways (namely, private donors) to cover operational costs—and even reimburse credit card fees for donations online. That is AMAZING.

PLUS: they use this cool GPS technology to show you exactly where your money has gone!


So, it’s a pretty awesome organization with a pretty massive mission. Time to do our part, right?

Donate now


Donate to my charity: water birthday campaign.

Thanks for your support! You’re doing something very remarkable. :)


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