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Why I’m Graduating from the World Domination Summit

It seems fitting that WDS 2013 ended with a champagne toast. It felt very much like a culmination and a celebration of sorts, for me at least. It also felt like the end of my WDS time.   At the

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Help Bring Clean Water to Ethiopians with Nathan’s Water-riffic 32nd Birthday!

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Da na na na na na…. They say it’s your birthday! Yes, Paul—today, February 12th is my birthday. 32 cycles around the Sun. And this year, I’m celebrating a little differently.     I’m teaming up with charity: water and giving

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Ukulele Playing + 1st Episode of A Travelin’ Man!

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Two weeks ago in I bought a ukulele in Hawaii… Yeah, just one of those “why not?” kinda moments, ya know? It’s like buying vodka in Russia: just feels right! (or so I’ve heard… ;)   Well—I’ve been playing this tiny

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Show Update #5: Teaser Trailer + Radio Enso Replay!

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Sneak Peek at “Travel. Eat. Thrive” REALLY excited to share this footage with you! Seriously: it looks delicious!! When I saw what our Cinematographer Brandon had edited together, I was knocked over—I was honestly kinda *shocked* at how good it

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What I’m Doing with my WDS $100 Investment

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[Hey there—before we get to today’s video… Have you responded to the reader survey about the next Nonstop Awesomeness course? Deadline is TODAY, 11/20! What do you want to learn? How to relax, have more energy, take awesome photos of

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WDS: World Domination Smoothie

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The WDS Smoothie!

  Taking over the world isn’t easy. It can really take a toll on your health.   When you’ve got a full day of world domination planned, you need something that can prepare you to look/feel/BE 100%, and ready for

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Giveaway: How $100 Can Change Your Life!

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The $100 Startup

At the recent World Domination Summit, every attendee received a paperback copy of Chris Guillebeau’s latest book: The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future. In it, Chris profiles

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World Domination: The Healthy Way

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WDS 2012 Wrap-Up Almost two weeks ago, I attended the 2nd World Domination Summit, where the central question posed to us was: How do you live a remarkable life in a conventional world? During the two-day summit, many themes emerged

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If you’re in the LA area and want to travel more…

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Lots of people ask how I afford to travel as much as I do, and how I can focus so much on a healthy lifestyle… Well if you’re in the Los Angeles area, you can find out!   I’m hosting

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