Clean Clothes with Dr. Bronner’s: Quick, Easy, Natural + Frugal


I’m down to one backpack, one pair of pants, a couple shirts, and just a few other items – in other words, I’m looking at laundry every week to keep things (and me!) fresh.

Here’s how I keep my costs down, my clothes clean, and my laundry time to a minimum!


I recently picked up a 2 oz. bottle of – it’s got 18-in-1 uses, including shampoo, a hand soap, a toothpaste – and as a laundry detergent!




The laundry bag I use is the shipping bag that my  came in (see video below)! I loved how ingenious they were with the design, and I knew I’d find another use for it!




Everything you need in a 3-minute video:


Here are the essential steps:

Step 1: Fill the bag with just enough water to soak the clothes.

Step 2: Add ~10 drops of Dr Bronner’s soap (it’s highly concentrated)

Step 3: Add your clothes to the bag

Step 4: Knead the clothes with your hands for ~ 2-3 minutes.

Step 5: Leave the clothes in the bag for ~ 10 minutes.

Step 6: Rinse your clothes.

Step 7: Hang your clothes to dry – check out this from Rick Steves!


Total time: ~15 minutes


Looks like my buddy Jacob could have used this method in Thailand! :-)

Here’s Karol’s laundry video – thanks for the inspiration and information!


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