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Raw Mexican Food Recipes from SunCafe, Studio City, CA

During my recent stay in Los Angeles, I frequented one of my favorite spots in the city: SunCafe Organic Cuisine!   Located right on Cahuenga Blvd. down the hill from Universal Studios, this cozy restaurant serves amazing (and ridiculously healthy)

Winner of the $100 Startup Giveaway!

So who won the contest? (announced last month, I am giving away a copy of Chris Guillebeau’s latest book The $100 Startup)     I’ll be in touch with the winner via email!   Thanks for being part of the

Ep. #31: QTw… SuperFood Bar (New Orleans) – Treat Yourself!

  When rolling through New Orleans, finding the healthiest food possible isn’t always an easy task! This is a city that prides itself on how the food tastes; my buddy Grant told me that presentation doesn’t really matter—it’s all about the

How to Make Meaning In Your Day

morning work

  Over the years, whether it was acting in LA or working virtually these days, many people have either commented or asked me how I get so much done. I use to just shrug it off, assuming that because I wasn’t

Clean Clothes with Dr. Bronner’s: Quick, Easy, Natural + Frugal

  I’m down to one backpack, one pair of pants, a couple shirts, and just a few other items – in other words, I’m looking at laundry every week to keep things (and me!) fresh. Here’s how I keep my

Zucchini Pasta + Mushroom Sauce with Garlic + Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes

Zucchini Noodles with Mushroom, Onion + Tomato Sauce Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Garlic + Cinnamon Steamed Asparagus  Part 1 – THE COOKING – 1:45 What to Know: Prep Time: 10-15 minutes Cooking Time: 10-15 minutes Skill Level: Easy! Ingredients: Zucchini,

A Weekend Project:

  It’s time to change this full-time traveling game! Ever since I hit the road, one part that continues to elude me is knowing where I’m staying. Ok, so I’m not the best at planning in advance where I’m going

Ep. #29: Quality Time with… Meagan Adele Lopez (Author, “Three Questions”) + Win the Book!

Interview with Meagan Lopez video Some of what we talked about… Where the idea for the book came about How she created discipline in her life to write the book One of Meagan’s practices that kept her on track – something