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What Can You Get Done in 15 Minutes?

Yeah, seriously. I know it’s not a lot of time—that’s the point.   It’s not so much about what you can FINISH, but what can you START? What has been hanging over you, or something you’ve wanted to do and

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My Current Routine and Habits (aka What Keeps Me Alive + Thriving, Feb. ’13 Edition)

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  The daily routine. As a traveler, and with my environment constantly changing, I really like that I always have something to come back to, something to keep me grounded, and to keep me sane. If I didn’t do this

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How to Make Meaning In Your Day

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  Over the years, whether it was acting in LA or working virtually these days, many people have either commented or asked me how I get so much done. I use to just shrug it off, assuming that because I wasn’t

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