Moments of the Week – #13

A bunch of awesome moments from this week!

(have some of your own? to be featured in a future edition of MOW! :)


A full week in Los Angeles—lots of food and en*theos friends—here we go!


Here’s my brother with one of his newest prized possessions: a Hitchcock-inspired print about a Lost character. Not only did he enjoy the show—he spent about 40-50 hours taking this image from the size of a baseball card to a giant poster! Talk about a side project!!!


Hangin‘ out at the newly-opened Cafe Gratitude in Venice with Jessica Corbin, host of the Vital Conversations radio show (I’m the producer! :) at en*theos!


I’m back to throwing lots of random veggies onto the fire: here we have mushrooms, onions, carrots, garlic, celery, tomatoes, and jalapeno, with a bit of oregano!


And this one is similar—plus I added swiss chard! What a meal!!


Here’s the finished product from above, with a generous heaping of delicious avocado! boo-yah! Don’t you want to dive right in…? :)


Hiked up Runyon Canyon one morning and decided to just do meditation right there. Was checked out by a number of ants and dogs (didn’t break my focus…too much), and here was the view when I opened my eyes.


Dinner at Real Food Daily (first time ever!) in Santa Monica: the yummie vegan BLT with a side of garlicky kale!


Yup, just me and Brian Johnson (Philosopher + CEO of en*theos) chillin‘ in Santa Monica!


Also met up and had a GREAT time with Dave (EVP of Everything at en*theos) and his fiancee Beth. Only 12 days ’till the wedding!! We also had dinner at Real Food Daily (La Cienega!), so not only is that the second time I’ve been there, but two days in a row!


And why not head back to Cafe Gratitude—this time in Larchmont Village— for dinner with friends! Here are the vegan tacos my brother ordered! I quite enjoyed my “I am Strong” shake! (yeah, you are, Nathan… ;)


Long-time pals Ashley and Brian. My brother and I went to high school with Brian back in Massachusetts! So thrilled we could all meet up, and that Brian decided to rock the Bob Ross t-shirt!


Brian and Ashley’s cat apparently has a particular fondness for shoes—she was really going to town on my well-worn pair…


Dinner at Life Food Organics (right in the middle of Hollywood!)—here’s the raw pizza with a gluten-free nut crust, sundried tomatoes, basil pesto, cashew cheese, and lots of other goodies!!


And here’s Drew (in full action mode) enjoying his raw vegan falafel! :)


Continuing the trend of en*theos meetupshere I am with fellow Academy TA Spencer out in Malibu Canyon (never been)!


 Spencer decided to take us on a bit of an epic hike. It involved climbing down and up a dam from 1926. Those iron rungs made for pretty crazy ladders… And check out Spencer enjoying the view!


A shot from the road: you can see the dam we had to pass, and then way down below, people hanging out near the water. Lots of cliff jumping into the water… :)


In true Hollywood fashion, I even caught a movie screening! SO thrilled to see my friends Jocelyn and Simon (and newest addition to the family, Adeline) with their film I Am I“—so beautiful and engaging! Congrats to all!!! :)





Former life: actor/office worker/virtual assistant; lived in Los Angeles for 11 years. Since then: sold nearly everything, took a $5 flight to Hawaii, lived there for 3 months, wrote an eGuide about all of it, and still traveling. Currently: digital nomad - looking to improve myself, have fun and serve others.