Month: June 2011

Quality Time with… Bobby, Ep. #26

Quality Time w/ Bobby

Hello from Oregon Park in Portland! Today we chat with a fellow thespian and lover of the outdoors – Bobby. (Thanks to John K., our mutual friend in LA., for making sure we connected!)   Check out Bobby dancing… (a

5 Simple Steps You Can Take for a Healthier and Safer Summer

summer fun

  Summer is a busy, busy time. It’s easy to feel burned out or stressed out with all the parties, gatherings, trips, people, and foods to dive into! Whether you’re on the road or in the yard, here are 5

Quality Time with… Roma and Kris, Ep. #25

roma and kris

So last week we got to know Tabitha, one of the guests here at Couchsurfing Headquarters (CSHQ); today we meet two of the people responsible for this operation: Roma and Kris. They are two very fun and of course very hospitable

The Healthiest Road Trip Ever

healthy road trip

This one is coming straight from the heart. I didn’t spend a lot of time “thinking” about what to say. I’m too excited about all this. I knew I needed to get this out there and there’d be plenty of

Quality Time with… Tabitha, Ep. #24

qtw tabitha

Greetings from Southeast Portland! I’ve been bouncing from neighborhood to neighborhood as I continue to hang out here, post-World Domination Summit. Really enjoying the people I’m meeting and the places I’m checking out! Summer is definitely a great time to

How 58 Creative, Positive and Productive Dynamos Build Momentum

dynamo squad

You’ve probably read about President Obama’s morning workouts or how Ben Franklin strategically planned every hour of his day. But what if you’re not interested in running the country or… doing everything that Benny F. did? :-) What can we

Quality Time with… Nate (Walks America) & Joel (Blog of Impossible Things), Ep. #23

nate & joel

Hello from 21st & Hoyt in Portland! Without question, one of the best parts of the World Domination Summit was all the people who attended. You knew it was something special when all the speakers hung out the entire weekend

How to Eat Healthy, Exercise, Be at Peace, & Travel the Country (in 1st Class) for Free

train at sunrise

Courtesy of tgraham As I headed from Chicago to Portland for the World Domination Summit (Pinky & the Brain delivered the keynote), I realized it had been over seven months since I began traveling full-time. It’s been an amazing journey and

Quality Time with… Me, Ep. #22

QTw... Me

Hello from the Empire Builder Amtrak line, where we’re only eight hours behind schedule thanks to heavy rains and flash floods. Good thing I left early for the World Domination Summit! One of my Creative Production Goals for 2011 is