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Birthday Cookbook Sale!

cookbook sale

Today, February 12th just happens to be my birthday, along with Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Judy Blume, Christina Ricci, Josh Brolin, and someone I’ve been honored to share the stage with during my Antaeus acting days—Raphael Sbarge! Yup, I’m a

Couple Recent Interviews: Radio Enso & My Peaceful Family

No time like the present to share these… First up, a 1-hour interview on Radio Enso with host Gregory Berg, who is also a good friend and part of my mastermind group. We recorded this in early December (while I

Wearing Clothes Until They Wear Out

Oh it’s a sad day in the Agin backpack…     Somehow I’ll move on. My golden boy may be gone, but I know that a baby blue is right around the corner… They just don’t make ’em like that

Affirmations, Declarations + Mantras for Optimal Living! (including what I use!)


  I’ve seen that if I want positive experiences in my life, I need to have positive thoughts. For many years, I was very closed off—not sure I’d categorize myself as “negative,” but certainly not happy-go-lucky. A few years ago,

Shocking True Story: How I Lost 12 Pounds in 12 Months!


Or: How I Lost 10% of my Total Weight Without Even Trying! In just less than a year, I went from 143 pounds to 131 pounds. I’m not on a diet, I can’t remember the last time I went to

Ep. #30: QTw… Grant Cooper

Welcome to Episode #30 of Quality Time with…!  (This video series is a chance for me to share short conversations with the awesome people I’m meeting along the journey.)   As Blanche DuBois (sister of STELLA!!!) says, “I have always

What To Do When You Have Nowhere to Sleep

After almost 18 months of travel, something crazy happened. This past weekend, I found out — for the first time in my full-time travels — what it’s like to not have a place to stay for the night. Yup, I

My Annual Review: 2011 Wrap-Up + Plans for 2012

What an amazing and ridiculously awesome year. The biggest deal for me: I spent the whole year traveling. No home. No regular anything. Just me and a backpack – and I didn’t spend a fortune (not that I had one

The Passing of a Wonderful and Awesome Man…

  I knew him simply as Jeff.   When I would describe to others who he was and how he was connected to our family, I wanted to just say, “well, he’s Jeff” as if that would be enough. There was

7 Destructive Thoughts and Fears That Continue to Pull Me Down

  I put on a pretty good game face. For most of my life, I’ve strived to appear confident – that I know what I’m doing. While in many cases it’s worked, not surprisingly, this is not always how I