Month: April 2011

Quality Time with… Mom, ep. #17

As I mentioned in my Future Reality, I’m excited to connect with people genuinely, whether I’ve known them for 5 minutes or 5 years. Today we talk to someone who I’ve known for a lot longer than 5 years –

Redefining the Road Trip

my video submission for Fox Road Trip

I recently (like, four days ago) learned about the Fox Rent A Car Road Trip, a sponsored (car, gas, lodging) trip that takes 4 bloggers to 6 cities in 16 days, around the Western US. It’s about doing cool things,

Quality Time with…Pierre (Quatuor Ebene), Ep. #16

Quatuor Ebene

Yeah, now we’re REALLY on the nonstop awesomeness train! On my last night in New York, I went to a concert at WNYC – all I knew was that it was a French string quartet who were playing mainly 20th

Lessons Learned from Professor Macklemore


When I saw the clip of Macklemore’s Washington State University concert, with 4000 people singing along to his lyrics, and he having the time of his life, it was electric. I still get chills thinking about it. I then started to

Quality Time with… Dennis, Ep. #15

Quality Time with... Dennis

We’re back to New York today (at least on the blog)! Recently I spent about two months (my longest stretch to date) in and around the five boroughs. Thanks to my friend Electra, I was connected with the very sweet

Dude, or rather – Mom, where’s my bed?

It’s been a while since I’ve given a tour! I’m hanging out in central Massachusetts these days, the site of my boyhood home… :-) I haven’t lived in the same house as my mom for over 11 years and, with

Quality Time with… Steph & Bill, Ep. #14

raw pasta

One of the great joys of my travels is the FOOD, and of course, all the ways people prepare it. There was ovo-lacto vegetarian at Polestar, primal on Kauai, and most recently, raw vegan in Troy, NY! Yup, the home of

“How to Travel for FREE” Teleseminar – April 25th

travel the world

Looking to TRAVEL FOR FREE? You’d love to travel more yet money always gets in the way, right? Those prices are so expensive! What if you could take money OUT of the equation? Guess what? You can. I did, and

Are you overthinking the pizza?

I realized I was… Covered toppings…er, topics: My mini-hunt for the perfect piece of pizza in New York Guidelines and structures in our life can be terrific, and exceptions to the rules are cool, too! Overanalyzing = death of creativity and