Just like all of you, I come across lots of cool information. This is where I’ll share it. Be sure to bookmark this page as I’ll be updating it with good stuff as I continue on!

Below are some of the items I’ve used to get me to this point in life. I love them all and recommend them wholeheartedly.

Some of the items include affiliate links where I can earn a commission. I appreciate your support.

Self-Development & Growth

  • Philosophers Notes – the BIG ideas from 100+ amazing books on how to live your greatest life. More wisdom in less time.
  • Optimal Living 101 – the class we never had. A 10-week teleseminar on Optimism, Courage, Love, Purpose and other goodness – came at an extremely poignant time in my life and helped shape what I’m currently doing
  • Blissitations – whether you’re new to meditation or been practicing for years, these tracks can help deepen your experience
  • A Philosopher’s Notes – Brian’s book of 100 big ideas



  • Travel Hacking Cartel – from Chris Guillebeau (The Art of Non-Conformity), an ongoing membership site with how-to videos, ongoing deals, and a community; earn frequent flyer points for referring members!
  • Frequent Flyer Master – also from Chris, this eguide is where I got serious with travel hacking, turning the idea from “isn’t this cool” to “I’m going to make this happen.”
  • Location Rebel – from Sean Ogle (Location 180), what you’ll need to become location independent
  • Upgrade Your Awesomeness – a free eguide from me, detailing how I flew for $5, sold everything, and lived in Hawaii



  • Marianne Williamson – an amazing speaker, she holds weekly talks in Los Angeles around the book “A Course in Miracles“; attend live or listen to the recordings online
  • Rev. Michael Beckwith – author of “Spiritual Liberation” and founder of the Agape church in Los Angeles, this dude is connected! Attend a (non-denominational) service or watch online for free.



  • – how I managed to develop a yoga routine – a 20-minute routine that I still use to this day! There are also volumes 2 & 3 available.
  • Believe and Achieve Fitness by Melanie Elkin
  • Nerd Fitness and his series of guides. Note: I have not actually used Steve’s products, but I trust him highly and support his mission. Whenever I do look to increase muscle or lose fat, I’ll be turning to him first!
  • What I like: yoga, walking, calisthenics, energization exercises, and all-out sprints every 7-10 days




Hygiene/Personal Care

  • Flux – adjusts your computer’s display so you’re not staring into a blinding lightbulb late at night
  • by Dr. Tung’s – I picked this up on Kaua’i and use it every day – it’s the first thing I do!
  • Toothpaste: plant-based,  or  are favs of mine
  • What I’m doing:
    • No shampoo or conditioner; just water in showers (since January 2011)
    • Soap only for washing hands – nothing anti-bacterial, plant-based is great
    • Moisturizer: extra virgin olive oil with lavender essential oil



  • – Seattle-based hip-hop artist, his writing is deep and he is undeniably passionate about his life. See my feature on him here.
  • +Elijah- and the Band of Light – I met Elijah on Kaua’i; what an amazing and conscious performer – you just feel the energy radiating out, and I think the positivity is infectious. Watch a clip of the New Year’s Day celebration I attended with him performing


Lifestyle Design



  • Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau – the central message is “you don’t have to live the life that other people expect you to,” and that you can enjoy your life and do good work for others at the same time – HUGE in my life
  • Seth Godin – prepare to be amazed at how smart he is and how much he’s done! Also, his blog may just get you to rethink everything you’re doing
  • Derek Sivers his First Follower post, along with many others, is brilliant!
  • Jonathan Fields – a smart guy, very easy-going style, and his was moving and powerful
  • Tim Feirriss – the dude behind The 4-Hour Work Week and The 4-Hour Body
  • Elizabeth Gilbert – I was reading her sleeper novel Eat Pray Love (yes, that’s a joke! :-) when I decided to travel full-time. Be sure to check out her TED Talk on nurturing creativity – it’s awesome!
  • Cal Newport – a postdoc at MIT, Cal always provides a fresh, scientific, and usually counter-intuitive approach to life and success – always easy to follow and insightful. Be sure to check out his interview!



  • Boomerang for Gmail – what a fantastic invention – never let emails just hang out in your InBox again!
  • TeuxDeux – very simple and easy online To Do list
  • Time Out (Mac only) – reminds me to take a break (by covering the screen); times are customizable
  • Klok – free time-tracking software; what I use with clients and my own work



  • by Dr. Robert Maurer
  • by Viktor Frankl
  • by Chris Guillebeau
  • by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • by Deepak Chopra
  • Want even more ideas – check out my “Top 10 Books in 2010” post



  • The Simple Dollar – Trent Hamm’s blog on personal finances. Excellent resource from someone who’s been in the trenches.
  • Man vs Debt – Adam Baker was seriously in debt. Then he decided to end that and travel with his wife and newborn around the world.


Web Stuff

  • WordPress – the platform I use to maintain the site
  • Headway – the killer theme I use
  • GoDaddy – they handle my website and domains, and not just because I did one of their commercials!
  • Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn’s amazing resource on how to make money as a blogger

Acting – if you knew me then, here’s what helped me out

  • The Actor’s Network – amazing organization, and the only one of its kind – learn the business behind acting
  • Kristine Oller – a smart and savvy professional organizer turned career strategist (and former actress) – you will definitely learn something from Kristine! One of my favorite people and friends. :-)
  • The Actor’s Library – created by Kristine, this resource is designed for actors
  • Envelopes Express – cheap envelopes in many colors, delivered quickly
  • GotPrint – custom print work – biz cards, buckslips, etc.