Two Years, 900 Days, $5 Flights, and Optimal Living Audits!

[NOTE: the following post was written after a night of unusual slumber situations (nowhere to sleep part II) in the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Blvd, as I like to start each day with an hour of meaningful work (today = this post!). Then I meditated on an enormous leather couch for 35 minutes, went through my Declarations, and then picked up some fresh fruit and veggie juice from the nearby Fresh & Easy. Rocking my fundamentals isn’t just some nice theory to talk about—this is what I commit to doing to keep me at optimal levels every day, not just on the “easy” days, and not only when I have a place to sleep—as you can guess, it’s even MORE important then! :)] 


Time to celebrate a few milestones this week!

November 5th was a big day: it signified three different life events/anniversaries…



Two years ago, I was spending my first full day on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Nathan and his Hawaii crew!

While I had given up my stuff and my place a few weeks prior to that date, I was still in Los Angeles, a city I had called home for 11 years. Nothing was really that different—yet.

November 5, 2010 was the first day in a totally new place, with a totally new life ahead.

Yes, I consider 11/5 my anniversary of being a nomad!

Curious what those early days were like – well, you can read any of my posts from that time here, here, or here.

Plus, I took on my second day! :)



November 5th also happened to mark 900 days in a row of meditation!

nathan meditating at crater lake

(I’m also currently rockin’ evening meditation since 9/1/2012 – tho I have missed two evenings because I just plum forgot!)

I started meditating sometime during January 2010, but it was off-and-on, and it wasn’t until May 20, 2010 that I finally made a 100% commitment to meditate every day.

Truly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Amazing how quickly time goes by—it feels like I was just celebrating 500 days last fall.

I still have challenging days during meditation, and other days, it’s like pure bliss and I’m so thankful I have that time.

I consider my life relatively stress-free, and still: it’s so wonderful to have that time to shut the world out and just let everything go!

If I could make one recommendation to you: start meditating! Doesn’t matter if you start with 30 seconds of closing your eyes and focusing on your breath: just start!! :)



Coming back to the topic of Hawaii, I also launched my first virtual course: “How to Book a $5 Flight to Hawaii” on November 5th!

Hawaii Course

By FAR, the story that everyone wants to hear from my traveling is how I got a plane ticket for only 5 bucks.

Well—now it’s time for you to have a story of your own!

Sign up and get simple and clear instructions emailed to you each week, helping you on your way to this outrageous deal!

It’s so easy (and legit!), I helped my mom and brother (neither have ever been!) use this method so that all of us could book a week on Maui this December! Total cost of flights: $5, each way.

Start the course today! :)


and Finally…

Over the weekend, I revamped the Coaching page a bit and am now offering Optimal Living audits!

Optimal Living Audits

What keeps me going, healthy, sane, and happy are my daily practices: the stuff I’m committed to rockin’ every day, like meditation, nutrition, exercise, etc. There are a bunch more, but those are the major players.

With these audits, we can go through your day, see what your challenges are and what you’d like to optimize, and then look at what we can tweak—baby-step style! :)

Little by little my life has transformed into a completely different experience than it was a few years ago, when I was more closed off, disconnected (from myself and others), and cynical, to name a few highlights. ;)

I want to help you achieve similar results, through your values and fundamentals.

As my hero Paulo Coelho says, “the extraordinary is your birthright.” Time to claim it, right?? :)


PS: you can also pick up a copy of my “Rules of the Road” on the coaching page!



Ok, just a normal couple days ’round here at Nonstop Awesomeness HQ (alright—it’s not always like this, that was a pretty extraordinary!).

In other news, I’m working on a crowdfunding campaign for the show. I expect that to be launched very soon! It’s been a BLAST to look through all the footage and make a video for the page! :)


So how about you: what might you have reason to celebrate?

I’d love to hear your response + any other thoughts you have below.


Looking forward to learning more!




Former life: actor/office worker/virtual assistant; lived in Los Angeles for 11 years. Since then: sold nearly everything, took a $5 flight to Hawaii, lived there for 3 months, wrote an eGuide about all of it, and still traveling. Currently: digital nomad - looking to improve myself, have fun and serve others.