I’m Shooting a TV Pilot in New Orleans in 8 Weeks

Nathan and Healthy Eats in New Orleans!

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Yeah, that’s the plan.

Wait—Why? What? Wherefore?

(actually, that last one just means “Why,” too. Shakespeare studies FTW! :)


Basically, I want to take all the stuff I’m already doing, and make it into something awesome.

Create something that really makes a difference and impacts a lot of people.

This show will be about WHERE to find the healthiest food in each city!

I’m already doing many of the things for this show: visiting different cities, finding the healthiest places to eat, talking to the owners, learning about nutrition, and sharing that!

In early October, the idea is to head to New Orleans and spend 1-2 weeks filming restaurants, farmer’s markets, health food stores, and locals!

Then: edit that all together!


Here’s a little bit more on the concept…

I could have talked for HOURS about all this, but really wanted to keep it simple and to-the-point.


Quick overview:

  • Restaurants, farmer’s markets, health food stores
  • Chefs, farmers, owners
  • Kitchen tips, recipes, and stories
  • Gathering locals to all prepare a high-quality and healthy meal together!


I *think* this could be done really simply: a 2-person crew (me and someone on camera), crashing on couches, and just DOING it.


I wrestled with “is is time?” as I’m going to Maui for a month in November (I know, rough life), and then I thought of going abroad for six months in 2013. Maybe I should wait until next summer, or maybe film it now? Does that mean I put my international travel on hold???


I believe that this needs to happen and by putting a date on it, it makes this more real.

I have the time, I have the passion, and the tools are available.

There’s no reason not to do this; in fact, there’s every reason TO DO this—now!


Some questions…

Do I know who is going to be part of the crew and film this? No.

Do I know where it’s going to be distributed? Nope.

Do I have any interviews, locations, or venues scheduled or secured? Nada.

Have I talked to anyone in New Orleans about this? Not a one.


You know what? It’s entirely possible this won’t happen, or I won’t be able to make it happen. And, that’s OK. At least I will have tried. :)

I just need to trust. Trust that it will work out as it needs to.

I’ve done some crazy things before, and it’s all seemed to work out, rather well in fact, even if it hasn’t all gone according to plan.

Why should this time be any different


I have a few things I’d like to (and/or need to) figure out:

  • Someone who can film (preferably with their own equipment)
  • Locations set up
  • Interviews scheduled
  • Flights and lodging (couchsurfing/AirBnB) booked
  • Do I need film permits?
  • Distribution (anyone want this show?) :)


But I’ve never shot a pilot. I’ve never produced a TV show. So, kinda wingin’ it here, and also doing my research. Calling people I know, looking up stuff online, etc.

We live in an age where so many things are possible, technologically. Hell, I could probably do the entire show with an iPhone (would still have to borrow one!), but I’d like it to be and look as awesome as possible.

And for this site, I’ve set up plenty of interviews with only a few days notice, so this seems like plenty of time! :)


I’ve written a Proposal and Treatment, which covers everything more in-depth. Feels good to have things written down in a cohesive manner. Lots more ideas in there, including how I see the internet and crowdsourcing playing pivotal roles!


I TOTALLY think this show could work and that I’m the one to do it! :)

So: I’m gonna do it.


Can you help?

Is there something you can offer or someone you know?

Experience, knowledge, equipment, resources, connections, cash?



Final question:

Would you watch this show? What would you love to see featured?

I’d love to hear your response + any other thoughts you have below.


And one more time: here’s the link for the “Make Food More Awesome” contest  –> click here to vote!!


Looking forward to learning more!




Former life: actor/office worker/virtual assistant; lived in Los Angeles for 11 years. Since then: sold nearly everything, took a $5 flight to Hawaii, lived there for 3 months, wrote an eGuide about all of it, and still traveling. Currently: digital nomad - looking to improve myself, have fun and serve others.