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+ “Living the Food Revolution” begins Wednesday, June 6th

+ With John and Ocean Robbins (and I’m the TA!)

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Ever heard of the ice cream empire Baskin-Robbins (and their 31 flavors)?

I remember trips here when I was a kid – mainly to the one in the Westborough Shopping Plaza on Route 9. :)


Well John Robbins, the only son of the founder of that company, was groomed to follow in his father Irvine’s footsteps, but chose to walk away from Baskin-Robbins and the immense wealth it represented to “…pursue the deeper American Dream…the dream of a society at peace with its conscience because it respects and lives in harmony with all life forms. A dream of a society that is truly healthy, practicing a wise and compassionate stewardship of a balanced ecosystem.”

John walked away from the money and the power. Why? He simply didn’t want to devote his life to selling ice cream after realizing it makes people unhealthy.

John and Ocean Robbins



Pretty cool, right?

Lucky for all of us, John chose to head in a different direction! And now: you can learn directly from him and his son Ocean in their en*theos Academy class: Living the Food Revolution!

It’s a 4-week class, on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm PST. (Can’t make the calls? No worries – you can download an MP3 the next day!)

First class is WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6TH @ 6:30 PM PST!

And if you needed another reason: I’ll be the TA for this course!! :)

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Here’s the Course Overview:

Find out the truth about genetically modified foods, and the real effect of the food you eat on your health and on our world.

Then learn how to put that knowledge into actionable and delicious practice in your life.  Best selling author, John Robbins, joins forces with his son, Ocean Robbins, to give you practical, step-by-step support to bring your food choices into alignment with what you truly value.

Living the Food Revolution will extend your life, increase your vitality, and help you take a stand for a more compassionate and sustainable world.

In this 4-week class you can work directly with Ocean and John Robbins to learn how your diet can become a tool for your creativity, an expression of your conscience, and a catalyst for your capacity to thrive!


What You’ll Learn Each Week:

Week 1: Food and Healing

  • Healthy Heart, Healthy Life
  • A Vibrant Plant-Strong Diet
  • Why and How to Avoid GMOs

Week 2: Our Food, Our World

  • Old MacDonald Had a Factory
  • Eating with Conscience
  • Once Upon a Planet

Week 3: Any Way You Slice It, It’s Still Bologna

  • How To Read Labels and Unmask Lies
  • Protecting Kids from the Junk Food Merchants
  • Stepping Into Food Freedom

Week 4: Being a Food Revolutionary

  • Local, Fresh, Natural… and Delicious!
  • Food Policy, Food Justice, and Food Freedom
  • How to Be a Tide Turner

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Living the Food Revolution with John and Ocean Robbins


A bit more about John and Ocean:

In his early years, John moved with Ocean’s mother, Deo, to a little island off the coast of Canada where they built a 1-room log cabin, grew most of their own food, and lived on less than $500 per year (!).

Ocean was born in that cabin, to parents who lived simply and practiced yoga and meditation for several hours every day. Ocean’s spent his formative early years steeped in values of deep practice and social conscience.

Over the last 25 years, John’s books about healthy eating and healthy living (including bestseller  and newly released ) have sold millions of copies and been translated into more than 30 languages.

His 2006 book , published by Random House, was printed on 100% post-consumer non-chlorine bleached paper, a first for a book from a major U.S. publisher.

In 1990, at 16, Ocean was founder of YES!, an organization he directed for the next 20 years.  YES! has reached more than 620,000 people in 1,200 school assembly and conference presentations. YES! has also organized and facilitated 100+ week-long gatherings for young leaders from 65+ nations, published seven youth action guides, and led hundreds of day-long workshops.

Ocean is co-author of , and of The Power of Partnership.


John and Ocean also recently hosted The Food Revolution Summit, a series of talks with some of the world’s most brilliant scientists, doctors and nutritionists. They conducted 24 inspiring, galvanizing and deeply informative interviews, and broadcast those interviews worldwide.

More than 30,000 people from 100+ countries participated in the Food Revolution Summit, and response was so overwhelmingly positive that John and Ocean made the decision to keep the program alive!

Learn more about the Summit and check out the interviews here!


Find out more about these two guys from their own sites, too: John and Ocean



I hope you’ll join us for this course – I think it’s gonna be pretty amazing info and a unique opportunity to learn from and interact directly with these two extraordinary individuals!

If cash is tight, en*theos even offers a “Pick-Your-Price” model!

Join the Living the Food Revolution Course with John and Ocean Robbins


And while Baskin-Robbins was “tasty,” I was more of a Hebert’s Candy Mansion kinda guy. Sadly, though: that’s poison, too. :)


Looking forward to learning more!




P.S. If you sign up for this course or check out the books mentioned through the above links, a few pennies will drop into my pecan fund. I appreciate the support. :)


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