Moments of the Week – #20

A bunch of awesome moments from this week!

(have some of your own? to be featured in a future edition of MOW! :)


From La Mesa to the Mexican border (almost!) to Pacific Beach and Mission Bay—here we go!


Awesome veggie-filled, homemade breakfast with a new pal (and fellow WDS‘er) out in La Mesa—great way to start a Saturday, and also a fantastic time for conversation!


My buddy Greg invited me out to wood-fired pizza and potluck at Wild Willow Farms down south (you can see the Mexican border!). I believe most of the ingredients come right from their fields, and they cook the pizzas onsite! Very cool—and very tasty!! (I also enjoyed some “freakin’ good pickled beets”—that’s what the label said, and they were!!) :)


The pizza chef in action!


Once it gets dark, and we’ve had our fill of pizza, we all gather around the fire for a drum circle! Yup, I got in on the action, too!! :)


Fire—not bad! In fact, pretty sweet! :)


And I finally had some fish tacos at Pacific Beach Fish Shop—worth the wait, and very yummy. I believe this was the blackened swordfish!


Dropped by the actual Pacific Beach to catch some sun and a nap! I thought the midair bird in the background was pretty awesome!


While hanging out at Starbucks, I was randomly given a card for a free smoothie at Pacific Beach Wellnesshow could I say no?! Ended up having some great chats w/ Roxy as they hooked me up with aloe juice, green tea, and a chocolate mint smoothie!


What’s for breakfast? A bunch of green kale, white button mushrooms, olive oil, garlic, and nutritional yeast!


One of my hosts worked at the University of San Diego, so I got to check out the campus! Really beautiful buildings, and sunset always makes things prettier… :)


Also stumbled upon Mr. Rabbit along the grounds of USD…


This kid (also on the campus) was a total ball of energy (as he chased a tennis ball!) and fun to watch. I know I wasn’t the only one amused by his antics. :)


About 10 years later, I revisit a campus dining hall! Sadly, I knew buying the buffet wouldn’t be worth it for how little I eat. Fun to be in a college setting again—and all the kids I talked to thought I was maybe 23 at the oldest—ha! :)


Out to breakfast for my host Stacy’s birthday at one of her favorite restaurants, Cafe 21. She was very excited about the salmon corn cakes she ordered. (and she’s sportin’ the Nonstop bracelet!!) :)


After a jungle gym workout in Balboa Park, I stumbled upon evolution, a 100% Vegan, Super-Healthy Fast Food spot! Their menu is AMAZING, and it took me a while to decide what to get! I finally chose a juicing option of Israel’s Tonic: apple, beet, carrots, cayenne, garlic, ginger, and lemon! YUM! :)


Back to the beach (this time Mission Bay) for evening meditation!


Sunsets at the ocean are so epicly gorgeous—I took a number of shots. These are just a few…


And I could NOT get over all the colors in the sky right at sunset here, and how the sky is still so amazingly blue even as the sun drifts off…


Yeah, me and my new friends were all pretty intrigued by this contraption: turns out it’s called a Glide Cycle, and it can be an easier (lower-impact) way to run, rehab an injury, or train. Very cool!


So of course, when the guy riding offered me to try it out—how could I say no?! ;)

Thanks to one of my friends for snapping this pic on her phone! I will say that my second trial went much better than the first—I even put my feet up and started coasting!! :)


See ya next week from somewhere else in the world!



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