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Current Trip Map:

What have I accomplished so far?

2+ years of travel, 23 states, and 3 countries: ~$4000 total!

I’ve used planes, trains, buses, and cars. I’ve camped, couchsurfed, housesat, and even stayed in hotel lobbies.

I’ve been all over the USA, and have made stops in Canada and Mexico.

visited 33 states (66%)
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Now: how can YOU do the same? :)

It’s time to see the world for little-to-no money!


Articles from this site:

Travel Hacking:

Lessons Learned/Inspiration:

from Chris Guillebeau and Steve Kamb (where I learned):


Ways to Keep Track of Your Points + Accounts:


A Travel Hacking spreadsheet to track your work and progress. (kudos to Chris Guillebeau for the inspiration!)

To Download: (right-click the link below and select “Save Link As”)

>>>>>Travel Hacking Spreadsheet<<<<<

If you’d rather have someone else manage all the details…


Blogs to Check Out:


Other Resources: the ONLY authorized source for you to get a copy of your credit report for free each year! track your credit score and find ways to save money! Free to join. a free site that helps you manage your money across multiple accounts; also includes tools for budgets and financial planning. Free to join. an easy-to-navigate site with lots of tips on credit cards, more on travel hacking, and next steps to take. Highly recommended! :)


Different Ways to get Around:

Megabus: daily bus service in certain parts of the country – there are often outrageous deals to be found!

Ridesharing – the classier version of hitch-hiking. :)


Where to Stay:

Couchsurfing: a free online network around-the-world; wherever you are, there’s likely a couch available. This is mainly how I find places to stay.

AirBnB: it’s like a paid version of Couchsurfing; might be right for you based on your travel needs and preferences.

Housesitting (membership sites I’ve joined)


Looking for Personalized Service?


I created omg! travel deals to help people cut through all the information out there and help them figure out exactly what they need to do to travel for little-to-no-money.

If this sounds like it might be right for you, check out omg! :)


More Research + Goodness:

I wholeheartedly recommend two products. They are both by Chris Guillebeau, a veteran traveler hacker how is close to visiting every country in the world (!), the products come with unconditional guarantees, and I have used them to great success:

Join the Travel Hacking Cartel

Join the Travel Hacking Cartel (because what’s the use of hacking if you don’t have a cartel! :). This membership site includes how-to videos, helpful articles, ongoing deals with email/text alert, a hacker community, and the “four free flights per year” guarantee!  Join for just $1.


Frequent Flyer Master


Frequent Flyer Master – this PDF guide is where I began in 2009. This a 40-page travel hacking manual, 20-minute audio download, 4-part report on Priceline Booking Strategies, free updates as they’re available, plus the “1 free plane ticket” guarantee! Get the guide.




Please note that the above products (and a couple others) are affiliate links that will earn me a commission. These are products that I have experience with and am recommending because they worked for me and I trust the people behind them.