In your comfort zone? Try a ferris wheel ride (worked for me)!

Video proof that it was absolutely beautiful here…

I know I might not have this kind of freedom and luxury with time every day – it’s why I’m so grateful and why I’m making the most of it now!

To check out some photos of my time here in Chicago, click the screenshot below…

(this was from the Mayoral Inauguration Celebration concert for Rahm Emmanuel! – there are more pics in the gallery, and here’s a video from the concert – with the band Chicago! If you look closely, you’ll also see Rahm rockin’ out! A very fun afternoon!)

Here’s my buddy Harry Groener…
Harry Groener

Harry and I worked together on “Mother Courage and her Children” and “Pera Palas,” as well as other projects, all for the Antaeus Company in North Hollywood. I was also fortunate to see him as “King Arthur” in Spamalot when he took over for Tim Curry on Broadway!

and here he is as George…

Harry as George

for more info, check out The Madness of George III at Chicago Shakespeare Theatre.


How are you thinking about (or actually!) stepping out of your comfort zone and enjoying life right now?

I’d love to hear your answer along with any other comments you have below.

Until next time,


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