Ponds (Boiling & Mermaids) & the WET side of Hawaii

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All these (short) videos were from my time on the Big Island (currently watching a lightning storm over the ocean on the North Shore of Oahu), but I wanted to share. I know I speak of my pale, pale skin on at least one occasion! Hope you enjoy!

Boiling Pots (Water) Park & Waterfall:

Mermaid Ponds & Non-Conformity:

Life on the WET side of the island:

And a few cool shots from around the trips:

Boiling Pots pools
Boiling Pots – waterfall in the distance – it was HUGE

Going to Mermaid Ponds
I just see rocks – where are the mermaids?

Jane, Abram & Elia

Leaving the Ponds and heading back to  (rural) civilization!

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