Month: July 2010

What an Awesome Day – Choice & Chance

-for gmail users – if you don’t see a video below, please click on the post title above- Since I’m keeping busy doing videos for the Sonnet Challenge (going well!) three times per week, I haven’t gone too crazy with

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Yoga in the Hills & Upcoming Projects

I remember watching the documentary “Lemonade” (really inspiring, by the way – all about people forced out of their corporate jobs who then find work that truly excites them), and one of the people interviewed said “every day is Saturday”

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House & Dogsitting in Glendale

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Had a nice few days in Glendale while housesitting for a friend. I’ve realized a trend developing of my watching older dogs – I wonder if this is my “that guy” fate? With that aside, it was a very nice

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Lunch Meetings & Game Show Auditions

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