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The 4-Minute TED Talk That Helped Me Eat More Veggies

Nathan loves his greens!

  These days, I really don’t eat much meat. According to my last Practice Reports (June and July 2012), I ate animal products only 2% and 9% of the time each month, respectively. That ain’t much at all. I calculated

F*ck My Life? Nope. More like FMP!


I’ve seen this phrase FML on Facebook mostly. Maybe you have, too. It stands for: Fuck My Life. Usually in conjunction with something that has gone crazily wrong, following a series of non-catastrophic misfortunes, disappointment or regret.   Here’s my

From My Acting Days: How Holding Open a Door Changed My Life

Here we are on the streets of Los Angeles—on San Vicente to be specific!   I’ve been recently housesitting in the mid-Wilshire area, and on my walk to Marianne Williamson’s weekly talks on A Course in Miracles, I wandered past an

3:00 AM, a Journal, and Optimal Living

Journal Entry

  I shared my daily journaling process recently… You know, the “official” kind of writing where you sit down, and go through your values, core principles, and big ideas.   Well, the other night, on my last evening in Seattle,

Three Awesome + Quick Smoothie Recipes!

a smoothie I made back in Massachusetts – oh the memories…   I haven’t always started my morning with green (or multi-colored) smoothies. :)   In fact, there was a time when I had NO idea how to make a

10 Travel Truths We Hold To Be Self-Evident

After a trip to Philly over President’s Weekend and now hanging out in DC (touring the Capitol today!), I got inspired to jot down a few items. This is what I believe to be certain natural rights and ideals we’re all

Getting Clear on My Ideal Day – What’s Yours?

**Quick Travel Update: I’ll be in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Washington DC over the next few weeks – I’m looking for couches/rooms where I could crash. I cook, I clean, I help however I can. If you know of something,

One Thing You Might Never Want to Lose Again

It’s 2009. Summer. I’m living in Los Angeles – more specifically, in a guest house in Sherman Oaks – in a quiet, residential neighborhood across from a middle school. There is a lemon tree and a pool in the backyard.

House & Dogsitting in Glendale

Had a nice few days in Glendale while housesitting for a friend. I’ve realized a trend developing of my watching older dogs – I wonder if this is my “that guy” fate? With that aside, it was a very nice