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Join me for a FREE online healthy travel class on Tuesday, March 18th

Up next in my teaching series with the en*theos Academy for Optimal Living: How to Be a Healthy, Positive, and Mindful Traveler WHEN: Tuesday, March 18th @ 2 pm PST WHERE: Online. The class will be FREE during the livestream of

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Next LIVE class happening in March…

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I had a blast teaching my first course with the en*theos Academy. Called How to Travel, Eat, and Thrive, I spent 60 minutes talking about 10 Big Ideas when it comes to eating and being healthy when you leave your

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Birthday Cookbook Sale!

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cookbook sale

Today, February 12th just happens to be my birthday, along with Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Judy Blume, Christina Ricci, Josh Brolin, and someone I’ve been honored to share the stage with during my Antaeus acting days—Raphael Sbarge! Yup, I’m a

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Register for my LIVE Travel, Eat, and Thrive class with the en*theos Academy

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I’m excited to share the news that I’ll be teaching a series of virtual classes with the The en*theos Academy for Optimal Living this year. Over the last few years, I’ve both learned from them and worked for them, and

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3:00 AM, a Journal, and Optimal Living

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Journal Entry

  I shared my daily journaling process recently… You know, the “official” kind of writing where you sit down, and go through your values, core principles, and big ideas.   Well, the other night, on my last evening in Seattle,

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Join “Living the Food Revolution” Class with John + Ocean Robbins!

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John and Ocean Robbins

Quick Summary: + “Living the Food Revolution” begins Wednesday, June 6th + With John and Ocean Robbins (and I’m the TA!) + Enroll now!   Ever heard of the ice cream empire Baskin-Robbins (and their 31 flavors)? I remember trips here when I was a

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How to Have an Awesome + Healthy Afternoon in Boulder

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Welcome to Colorado! (view from the car ride to Boulder – my first view of the town – WOW!) If you find yourself in Denver for a few days (like I did), you definitely want to check out Boulder —

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How Healthy am I? Is Nathan CrossFit?

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This article is part of the “How Healthy am I?” series, where I test myself in various ways to check exactly what results “Healthy Living” is producing.   So how fit am I, really? I know I feel pretty healthy, and according

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500 Days Down, 10,000 Hours To Go

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This past weekend I celebrated a milestone: my daily meditation practice reached 500 days in a row. Maybe you saw the movie trailer I put together… 500 Days… Trailer video So yes, very cool – and then I started to

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My New Gig: Going Back to School (Sorta) + How You Can Too!

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en*theos Academy for Optimal Living

I’ve been involved with Brian Johnson’s world for a while now. The PhilosophersNotes were life-changing, I loved Optimal Living 101, and my first mastermind group (celebrating one year!) started as a result of connecting with other people into the whole

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