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My Current Routine and Habits (aka What Keeps Me Alive + Thriving, Feb. ’13 Edition)

  The daily routine. As a traveler, and with my environment constantly changing, I really like that I always have something to come back to, something to keep me grounded, and to keep me sane. If I didn’t do this

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From 2+ Years On the Road: How to Keep Healthy Habits When Traveling

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Listen to this post…     I think the perception is that it’s challenging to stay healthy when you travel. I don’t agree. (Did you think it’d be otherwise? :) Of course it’s easier when you’re at home to

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How I Kept Myself and the Crew Healthy While Filming a Show!

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The Crew!

Production week was crazy, intense, and fun! To film the pilot, we had three shoot days, from 7:30 am – 1:30 pm. We were at two restaurants, and filmed location shots in Santa Monica, Hollywood, Universal City, and Downtown. To

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Two Years, 900 Days, $5 Flights, and Optimal Living Audits!

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Optimal Living Audits

[NOTE: the following post was written after a night of unusual slumber situations (nowhere to sleep part II) in the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Blvd, as I like to start each day with an hour of meaningful work

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Affirmations, Declarations + Mantras for Optimal Living! (including what I use!)

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  I’ve seen that if I want positive experiences in my life, I need to have positive thoughts. For many years, I was very closed off—not sure I’d categorize myself as “negative,” but certainly not happy-go-lucky. A few years ago,

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Start With Why—Here’s Mine…

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Want to know… WHY I’m living like a nomad? WHY I’ve chosen to be healthy on the road? and WHY I’m doing the work I am? You’re in luck. :)     As you can tell, there is a LOT

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New Habit: Evening Meditation, with Jacob from Sensophy

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from Los Angeles and New York!   “If you’re serious about succeeding in life, meditation is something you need to do.”   Today, I’m super excited to feature one of my friends (again!)—it’s Jacob from Sensophy! :) We’ve each been

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World Domination: The Healthy Way

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WDS 2012 Wrap-Up Almost two weeks ago, I attended the 2nd World Domination Summit, where the central question posed to us was: How do you live a remarkable life in a conventional world? During the two-day summit, many themes emerged

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How to Practice Your Balance—and Make Mr. Miyagi Proud!

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Wow—Miyagi was pretty graceful, right?   If you’re like me, you can get around most days without just toppling over. Your equilibrium is probably pretty good.   So why develop your balance? Practicing exercises that improve your “not-falling-over-ness” (technical term) strengthens

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How to Make Meaning In Your Day

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morning work

  Over the years, whether it was acting in LA or working virtually these days, many people have either commented or asked me how I get so much done. I use to just shrug it off, assuming that because I wasn’t

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