Moments of the Week – #9

A bunch of awesome moments from this week!

(have some of your own? to be featured in a future edition of MOW! :)


another beautiful week in Cottage Grove – here we go!


Honestly can’t remember the last time I went cherry picking. Actually, I think it was NEVER – ha! Even better: this tree is right in the yard of the house I’m watching—unbelievable!! I totally busted out the ladder and went all out. Quite fun! :)


Hope you’re not getting tired of seeing more chili variations! ;)


And I tried a twist with the no-bake brownies: I soaked the dates overnight (I think my body handles and processes the fruit better this way, rather than dried). This seemed to result in more of a chocolatey mousse—and I ain’t complaining!! Made two batches in fact: one with strawberries and one with cherries (both garden fresh), then topped with grated pecans and coconut—YUM!


Random test shot before I did the “Ask Me Anything!” video. Yes, this is how I check out the framing, lighting, and general awesomeness of my vids! ;)


Sophie finding a quiet moment to relax…


Gorgeous roses in the garden…


Another shot from around the yard—just amazing!!


Quite the haul from the weekly farmer’s market—and all of it for only $30!


Ventured out to Brice Creek with Kurt for a nice long hike!


The dogs certainly enjoyed being out there, too!


A shot from Upper Falls—you actually get to walk behind the falls! Sophie was adorable as we took that route, staying right at my side (I think she was a little nervous).


So yeah: that’s a full shot of the Upper Falls! In the top-half of the photo, you’ll see a dark passageway: that’s the route we were on!


Couple of happy dogs after the long day in nature!


And how did I replenish my system from all that exercise? With a green juice of course! Actually, this is the FIRST time I’ve done juicing! LOTS of greens in there: 2 giant heads of celery, collards, kale, lettuces from the garden, 2 cucumbers, parsley, and a lime.


All those ingredients actually made about 60 oz. of juice—and yes, I drank it all. Quite a different taste than I’m used too (pretty potent stuff), but glad I did it. I heard juicing described as similar to using high-octane oil in your car—just helps you operate optimally! :)





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