Quality Time with… B, Ep. #9

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For our next installment of the series: another conscious cat on Kauai – what are the odds?! :-)

Here’s a conversation full of smiles with B, one of my housemates during my three-week stay on the North Shore of the Garden Island (we’re talkin’ 40 feet of dirt, people!). It was a bit of serendipity how we met (thanks to my current housemate) and it turned out to be a fantastic connection. B’s conscious choice of words (as you’ll see below) was a new concept for me, and I really enjoyed the empowerment of it all. Enjoy the chat with B…

Some items from B you might dig:

  • Conscious Language: run by Robert Stevens, this is the workshop series B participated in that seriously upgraded his language and what enabled him to live from his outcome fulfilled. The purpose of the program is “to give tools and techniques for individuals to know their own highest choices in any situation, to express their choices with ease and clarity, and to have full-body alignment (head and heart) in their choices.” Powerful stuff!
  • Primal Blueprint: both Zander & B had read this book and invited me to check it out. The message here is to remind us of how primitive man lived, in terms of what he ate, how he exercised, how he played and slept, and a whole host of other things, leading to the conclusion that in many ways, primitive man was more healthy than modern man! I started eating meat again because of it, though it also helped that B had the skills of a five-star chef and the local food choices on Kauai are some of the best in the world! Excellent book with many thought-provoking points (and you don’t have to be a meat-eater to enjoy it :-).

Now how about you: what did you enjoy, what did you learn, and what might you take action on as a result of the chat with B?

Would love to hear your answers below!

As always, comments are welcome.

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