.ME, FREE Awesomeness Empowerment & Kauai Christmas

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[There’s lots in here, so thanks for reading — and don’t miss the fire dancer & Kauai photos below!]

Well, we finally made it to the new home for all this fun: NonstopAwesomeness.ME!

I have lots of plans of where to take the site and the kind of content I’d like to share – much more on that in 2011! For now, know that with a transition like this, there are a few kinks to resolve – I’m catching the ones I can, but there might be a little bit of bumpiness. If you have bookmarked old links, they might not work yet – but everything moving forward should be good to go! (fingers crossed)

Side note: dealing with all the technical stuff of transferring this blog to a new domain definitely allowed several moments of stopped awesomeness. One of my patterns is to be hyper-focused on the details – that “needing to figure this out NOW” kinda thing. After a few sessions in that dark rabbit hole, I had to stop and really think about what’s important, and am I feeling energized or drained (mostly the latter)? So, yeah – a few things don’t work the way I’d like them to – YET (!), but I have faith that it will all be fine. And I appreciate your understanding!

Also wanted to mention quickly about the .ME – this site is WAY bigger than just one person – it’s a reminder that Nonstop Awesomeness resides in each of us. A bit like saying “nonstop awesomeness flows through me!” Hope you feel the same way! :-)

Bringing Awesomeness to Your Door

This is something I’m extremely excited about and definitely feel is part of my path right now. As I live a life of Nonstop Awesomeness (and still developing what that is), I thought there might be others interested in this experience! The flyer below has more info, but I’m inviting you & anyone else you know to sign up for FREE Awesomeness Empowerment sessions in January: one-on-one phone calls where we can build your dreams! There are a limited number of spots for this January, so if you’re interested, let me know NOW! Excited to make some magic with ya. :-)

A White (Sand) Christmas

And because Christmas was just so different and amazing this year (shorts, beach, fire), I wanted to share.

If you’re interested in Hackido (first vid), stop over HERE!

The music in the background (second vid) was LIVE and AMAZING! This dude +Elijah- was performing – you can find out more about him HERE.

Afternoon on the Beach in Hanalei Bay:

Concert & Fire Dancer in the Evening:

And I’m finally getting my act together with the Picasa Albums! Here is a gallery of awesome shots from around Kauai!


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