Month: May 2011

Dear Mom – There’s something I need to tell you…

Oregon Sky

Courtesy of ElisFanClub Now I didn’t think I’d ever be saying this. Ok – here goes…   I’m going skydiving. THERE. It’s finally off my chest! Whew. I know, I know, I know. WHY would I voluntarily leave (well, not

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Quality Time with… Laura, Ep. #21

QTw... Laura

Hello from Wendt Playlot Park! As I was getting ready to embark on my adventures, I asked friends if they knew people where I was headed. My friend Zoey (in LA) mentioned a cool person to connect with in New

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Announcing: TravHack 101 **travel for FREE** only $15!

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TravHack 101

Super excited about the launch today – thanks to the many who made this possible! If you like to travel and would like to do it for less money, you might want to check this out…

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Quality Time with… Shannyn (Frugal Beautiful), Ep. #20

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Wow – we’re already at #20! Almost five straight months of awesome people! I’m really excited with today’s post and am thrilled to see this series continue. If you have any ideas on how to make this even better, feel

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What I Learned from Meeting Chuck Woolery and Winning $5000

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Nathan & Kat on Lingo

Exactly five years ago, I was on a game show. Lingo was its name, and spelling was its game. It starred one of the smoothest customers of them all: Chuck Woolery. How this all happened is rather simple: I, an

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In your comfort zone? Try a ferris wheel ride (worked for me)!

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Nathan on the Ferris Wheel

Video proof that it was absolutely beautiful here… I know I might not have this kind of freedom and luxury with time every day – it’s why I’m so grateful and why I’m making the most of it now! To

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Quality Time with… Cal Newport (Study Hacks), Ep. #19

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Cal Newport

This is one of those interviews where I realize after the fact, “this dude has been BUSY.” It’s like when you’re at a party, having a great conversation with a stranger, and when they leaves, your friend rushes up to

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Two Ways to Plan a Trip and Keep Your Sanity!

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Chicago Neighborhoods

Enjoy a fulfilling trip and skip the need for a post-vacation vacation? Yes, Virginia, it’s true – you can have both! I’ve been on (and even planned) my share of trips that employed laser-sharp adherence to the almighty schedule. Woe

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A peek into my FREE ride to Chicago…

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my private quarters

Hello on Sunday, and happy Mother’s Day to you wonderful women out there! Here’s a quick look into how I literally traveled (for FREE) to Chicago. Watch me act like a country bumpkin: “ooo, there’s food!” Plus, there are my

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Quality Time with… Jeff, Ep. #18 (and the 100th Post!)

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Nathan and Jeff

Today I celebrate my 100th post with a very personal and special chat. There are some conversations that you do not want to end, that do not even really begin to scratch the surface. I felt that with this talk.

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