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How I (Almost) Ruined Christmas in Maui

**Quick Note about this post: I recorded it while making a smoothie, then transcribed it later! Super helpful to get my ideas out (I’m more of an out-loud verbal guy). And at the end, I offer the recipe I made

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How I Took My Family to Maui for a Week for $573

  This past Christmas, I spent a week on Maui with my family. This is remarkable for a few reasons: None of us had ever been to that island. My mom and brother had never been out to Hawaii, at

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Time for Another MACRO Break…

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I wasn’t sure this would happen in 2012. I had such a good time (dare I say “life-changing experience?”) during my Epic Road Trip in 2011 that I just *knew* I wanted to do the same thing this year—and really, every

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Perhaps the Best Way for a Breakthrough (yes, it’s counter-intuitive)

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    Sometimes, I just need to stop. Sometimes, I need to let it go. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to take a break. Not. Easy.   This has shown up a lot for me lately, particularly when talking

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The Passing of a Wonderful and Awesome Man…

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  I knew him simply as Jeff.   When I would describe to others who he was and how he was connected to our family, I wanted to just say, “well, he’s Jeff” as if that would be enough. There was

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Dear Mom – There’s something I need to tell you…

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Oregon Sky

Courtesy of ElisFanClub Now I didn’t think I’d ever be saying this. Ok – here goes…   I’m going skydiving. THERE. It’s finally off my chest! Whew. I know, I know, I know. WHY would I voluntarily leave (well, not

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Quality Time with… Jeff, Ep. #18 (and the 100th Post!)

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Nathan and Jeff

Today I celebrate my 100th post with a very personal and special chat. There are some conversations that you do not want to end, that do not even really begin to scratch the surface. I felt that with this talk.

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Quality Time with… Mom, ep. #17

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As I mentioned in my Future Reality, I’m excited to connect with people genuinely, whether I’ve known them for 5 minutes or 5 years. Today we talk to someone who I’ve known for a lot longer than 5 years –

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