Week 4 Recap, and it’s Closing Day!

Well, it’s finally here – today will be the 40th and closing performance of “Paradise Lost” at the Intiman. Obviously, there’s much that has happened over the last 9 weeks during this experience – not sure if I can really articulate what this has been for me. How about: amazing, educational, inspiring, terrifying, joyous, and exciting!

Not to worry – LOTS more planned for the future – today is just the beginning… :)

There’s much to be done today – including the cast party, so without further ado – here’s some goings on from this past week:

My mom and I spent a day on Whidbey Island at Bill & Julie’s house there (first video) – talk about a slice of Paradise!

Then on Friday, I spent a few hours biking around Seattle (second video) – stopped at the Gas Works and Ballard Locks, then Discovery Park & Elliott Bay – all before the show that night! I think I biked about 18 miles total – I was definitely exhausted by the end of that night – took every opportunity for a quick nap during the show. :)

And the last video is my quick change from Milton to the Cameraman – just thought it would be fun to include that – even with all the rushing, we all manage to have a pretty good time – lots of laughs. And for those that haven’t seen the show, here’s a look at my 3 characters: Milton, Cameraman & Felix.

There are also more photos in the Picasa Stream to the right – around the theatre and on my bike trip – check ’em out!

Whidbey Journal:

I think it’s funny that I mention that I’m not wearing the robe to be pretentious, but then I talk about using the on-site sauna….ha! :)

Biking Journal:

Quick Change:


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