Moments of the Week – #7

A bunch of awesome moments from this week!

(have some of your own? to be featured in a future edition of MOW! :)


from Seattle to the Columbia River Gorge to Portland to Cottage Grove – here we go!


 mmmmmmm – breakfast! Cherries, banana, grapefruit, mango, walnuts, apple, cinnamon, ginger, and ground cloves!


Took in an open mic show at the Vera Project (art space run by and for youth), sponsored by the Youth Ambassadors of Seattle—a great organization of kids helping other kids with truancy issues. The show was open to anyone in the program and friends: very creative bunch!


The open mic was MC’d by my buddies Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, who closed the night with a small set, including a song off their upcoming album. I saw them perform in Boston last year, and they just keep making it more and more of a party onstage!! :)


The Space Needle’s pretty trippy at night, right?


Lunch at Chaco Canyon in West Seattle! Avocado and basil soup, quinoa, small salad, and a green smoothie (kale, banana, apple juice – note the “glass” :)! Love the meals here!!


View of Mt. Rainier from the bus in Seattle – so cool to see that behemoth in the distance!


Remember that brownie recipe I posted? Well here’s the cousin: gooey, delicious FUDGE! (just add a little bit of water to keep things moist) I easily could have eaten this whole pan; luckily, Brad and Angie helped me through it…


Arriving in Bingen, WA, along the Columbia River (map). Very gorgeous country over here. Population was around 700 as of the 2010 census. Now that’s a small town…


And who greets us as we get back “home” in White Salmon? Yup, that’s right: I’ll be staying in the horse barn!


Ah, to sleep surrounded by hay bales. It’s the life, right? ;)


Check out Mt. Adams – holy wow! Pretty amazing views from the Buddhist Abbey where I hung out for the day in Trout Lake, WA.


The monks even have their own Stonehenge. Again—pretty killer views of the mountain in the background. I was definitely distracted all day working on my laptop; it was just so easy to look up and get lost in the beauty of where I was. :)


Stopped by a CSA (find one near you!) so Emily could gather up some veggies for this week: spinach, lettuce, chives, and radishes!


I even got my own bag of lettuce—it made for a delicious and nutritious snack (and breakfast, and…)! Pretty fun to start chomping on this while on the train (no, I didn’t eat the roots)! :)


And here we have Mt. Hood as we passed over the Columbia River heading into Oregon! Can you tell I don’t get tired of the mountain views up here!?! Yowza!


Arrived in Portland early and headed directly to Prasad’s for breakfast and a place to work! Serving up raw delights, smoothies, and juices, this places also shares its space with a yoga and meditation studio—there’s no wall, it’s all one! Very cool and very yummy! :)


Kinda awesome to see this building right in Downtown Portland: it’s the First Regiment Armory, built in 1891 to house the Oregon National Guard, and is now used for the Portland Center Stage theater company!


Nonstop Awesomeness wrist bands! They say, “nonstop awesomeness” and “practice daily! :)” I’ll be handing these out as the journey continues…


Here’s the backyard of a great little spot I found in Cottage Grove (south of Eugene, OR) to housesit. Gotta love Sophie, too! :)


Fresh strawberries I can pick from the garden…


and raspberries!!





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